For nearly two centuries, Paris-based Christofle has manufactured fine silver flatware and home accessories. Since its inception in 1830, the House of Christofle has cultivated its unique know-how, modernising its techniques and execution to keep up with the times. Whether they are creations by designers or artists, re-editions and historic reproductions or custom commissions, exceptional pieces by Christofle are made in its fine
silver workshop, which has been integrated into the company’s manufacturing facility in Yainville, Normandy. Bespoke decorative lighting, home decor and tableware specialist Emery Studio brings to India, the exquisite Jardin D’Eden Cuckoo Clock by Christofle.

The Jardin D’Eden Cuckoo Clock by Christofle is an exceptional piece of the Haute- Orfèvrerie collection that celebrates 10 years of Jardin D’Eden collection. Marcel Wanders studio revisits this traditional object and stages a contemporary illustration of Adam and Eve.

Adam, seen wearing a pair of jeans and shirt, sits under the branches of the tree of good and evil, while waiting for Eve. Eve is illustrated as donning a skirt with heels and brings Adam the “apple” every hour, under the watchful eye of the snake.

The fruit of 135 hours of work and close collaboration between one of Christofle’s master silversmiths, the best in France, and an automatic watchmaker, result in the creation of this unique piece. It combines the know-how of the master silversmith (assembly, plating and polishing) with that of the watchmaking tradition. The mechanism allows both the animation and the reading of the time. The narrative world of Jardin D’Eden, creativity and know-how combine through this extraordinary object to create wonder.

The weight watch mechanism gives real added value to the product and this has the advantage that there are no electrical constraints, no batteries and therefore no handling for unequal autonomy. The cuckoo clock mechanism is a 3-weight clock mechanism. Each weight is associated respectively with the clock, sound and animation. These same weights give the clock an autonomy of 6 days. As the hours go by, the weights of the clock will drop
naturally and to wind them up, it will be sufficient to hold the weight and pull on the corresponding chain.

The clock can be rewound at any time, at the discretion of its owner. The pendulum is 50mm in diameter, which ensures the correct operation of the clock and its adjustment, which is obtained once the pendulum is positioned on the graduated ruler. The case conceals the automaton mechanism and allows invisible wall mounting. The clock has an aluminium frame and nickel-plated brass cladding, and the tree and figures are in nickel-plated resin.

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