Transforming living spaces for over two decades, the 22-year-old global design and export house Basant, ventured into the domestic market in 2014 with its e- commerce brand, Orange Tree. Backed by years of expertise and a roster of international clients like Crate & Barrel, Zara Home, H&M Home, Pottery Barn among others, Orange Tree strikes a balance between creativity and detailed craftsmanship, with a special focus on furniture, lighting and wall decor.

Bringing consciousness to craft, a commitment to sustainable consumption is at the core of Orange Tree’s creative process. Their latest decor collection, Tribe, was born out of a six month long journey of in-depth research and design study. In Tribe, Jodhpur’s famous miniature paintings meld with the wood carvings and surface textures of African tribal art. A first for Indian decor and design, the collection features a new natural fibre called ‘moonjh’ , a wild river grass found in arid areas near river banks.

With an array of hanging lights, mirrors, and wall decor made using natural organic materials like cane, earth-friendly lacquer and glue, ‘Tribe’ seamlessly employs a sustainable ethos. Sub stories of mini collections are housed within the larger collection— for example, beadwork and basketry borrowed from the Zulu tribe, hand-painted patterns inspired by the Maasai women, and the use of moonjh fibre as done by the Himba tribe. These authentic works have then been amalgamated with skilful Indian meenakari to bring a confluence of cultures.

“At Orange Tree, our design inspiration is steeped in culture, fine craft and the world of art. With Tribe, we bring together genius craftsmanship, civilisation and hard work to create something new and unique for the home decor space.” says Mr. Gaurav Jain, Founder of Orange Tree

“Orange Tree takes inspiration from global art and culture, treating it with a new vision for an Indian market ready for quality design. Our skilled craftsmen have perfected adapted techniques like beadwork, basketry and the use of materials like moonjh, to bring forth the best of African craftsmanship in ‘Tribe’.” says Ms. Nikita Bansal, Head of Design Lighting at Orange Tree.

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