Egypt-inspired collection of urban colorful wallpapers perfect for the holiday season

UDC brand’s latest collection puts a contemporary spin on traditional design aesthetics and is an ode to the exemplary architecture of Egypt 

A timeless interpretation of Egyptian design, the latest collection of wallpapers from UDC Homes seeks inspiration from their famous architecture and blends in elements of their culture to create poetry on your walls. Beautiful motifs of palm and date trees, lilies and murals in clean lines and patterns are conceived on a vibrant canvas to create rich textures and playful designs.

Blending their signature lexicon of precise detailing and evoking memories with their wall arts, the brand has created an edit that is perfect for every kind of space, contemporary and traditional. 

An epitome of art in decor, UDC Homes has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years. One of India’s largest paint retailers for more than a decade, UDC Homes unveiled its wall coverings division in 2014. Believing in the philosophy that the perfect finishing touch enhances the ambience of a space, the company designs and curates its wallpaper collection for retail and distribution to global retail giants.

The collection is an ode to Egyptian patterns, colours, and texture, a smorgasbord of artful and playful accent wall arts. Enchanting murals and metallic effects with innovative elements of cork and metal, and murals of lions and trees become a highlight of the collection. Every wallpaper is conceived with an avant-garde wallpaper-making process that starts with a simple sketch on paper lending a raw authenticity to the design and execution process. 

A fusion of contemporary, vintage and classical nuances with intricate designs, the collection displays elegant textures and dramatic prints. The colour palette is a mélange of both playful and vibrant hues creating distinctive wall art that lends an air of exuberance in your living spaces. 

“We wanted to bring in Egyptian influence and add a different flair to your interiors. With such vibrant and playful motifs, every wall art will blend in seamlessly with different types of interior spaces whether modern or classic,” says Neha Jain, Co-Founder of UDC Homes.

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