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Maybe this year more than ever, we will appreciate and be grateful about gathering around the table to celebrate our friends and family this holiday season. Hosting Christmas dinners or ushering in the new year becomes all the more fun when you set out to plan and decorate your interiors and the place where conversations happen around the dinner or coffee table.

Conceived from this sentiment of ringing in holiday cheer and joy, Rosabagh has launched a capsule collection of five tables that impart exceptional allure to any space. Bespoke and timeless, each table is made with the finest material, vibrant colours and stunning intricacy to add a unique statement piece to your home.

Taking forward the legacy of the iconic 26-year-old Marigold Furnishers, Rosabagh is an expansion of the renowned design house’s signature flair of creating exemplary furniture woven with global influences and rich Indian heritage. The brand stretches the boundaries of art, engineering and aesthetics to create exquisite and classic furniture. Nestled in the bylanes of the bustling furniture hub of Kirti Nagar Delhi, Rosabagh offers bespoke services ranging from conceptualization to consultancy that includes crafting custom-made furniture to make ‘dream homes.’

1. Persian Nuances by Rosabagh

Inspired by Persian design aesthetics, this coffee table evokes memories of a regal household of yonder. Featuring a marble top inlayed with semi-precious stones, the entire table is hand-carved and imbued with the brand’s signature flair of champagne leafing.

2. Heirloom Jewel by Rosabagh

Akin to a jewel that will be timeless and evokes grandeur, this table is again hand-carved with a subtle white shade of marble top and champagne leafing. With semi-precious stones inlayed in the entire table, it is the perfect piece for setting up high tea parties and after-hour gatherings during the holiday season.

3. Cottage Core Aesthetic by Rosabagh

Invoking the vintage aura of an English countryside, this table is reminiscent of the trending cottage core design aesthetic almost resulting in a striking confluence of the West and East. With its finest oak wood carving and a plush upholstered table top in neutral hues, it is perfect for every kind of interior space. Whether you have grandfather chairs or contemporary furniture in pastel tones, this table will complement everything.

4. Metallic Magnificence by Rosabagh

A work of art that is hand-crafted with diligence and precise detailing, this brass coffee table features more than 100 leaves that were carved individually and then joined together to make this masterpiece perfect for serving wine, cheese and cakes  on the New Year’s eve.

5. Regal Charm by Rosabagh

Perfect for adding that royal charm to your holiday décor, this bespoke table is hand-crafted by artisans who work for 130-150 days to create a single stunning piece. Featuring a marble top inlayed with mother of pearls and brass elements, the entire design is completed with champagne leafing to add that dash of glitz and glam.

About Rosabagh:

Rosabagh is a design house engaged in crafting homes, furniture and accessories that are akin to the jewel. Each piece is designed with love and diligent detailing, making it ideal for not just a particular season but an heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come. The brainchild of Abhishek Khaturia, the brand was founded in 2018, under the aegis of Marigold Furnishers. A 26-year-old brand famous for its timeless and artistic pieces, Abhishek apprenticed and learned all about design under Marigold and honed his skills on his various travels abroad. Barkha Katuria, thereon joined as an interior stylist with her keen eye for staging and curating every living space in an intimate and personalized manner.

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