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Emery Studio Unveils the Colimaçon Suspension Lamp by Barovier & Toso

Founded in 1295, Barovier&Toso creations are one-of-a-kind works in Venetian mouth-blown crystal, handcrafted by master artisans in Murano, custodians of an age-old tradition passed down across the generations. Angelo Barovier invented a revolutionary formula that made it possible to obtain an unprecedented material with extraordinary characteristics of extreme transparency and brightness. Bespoke decorative lighting, home decor and tableware specialist Emery Studio brings to India, the Colimaçon Suspension lamp designed by Marc Sadler.

decorative lights,lighting,lamps,home decor,home decor products,emery studio,barovier & toso

Like mobile sculptures, thanks to the kinetics of the arms, Colimaçon suspension lamps make it possible to create many different configurations. As opposed to the static character of traditional lamps, these objects play with a delicate balance of weights and proportions to generate an effect of extreme lightness and delicacy. It is available in nine models, but with infinite possible combinations.

Barovier&Toso hosts widely varied and versatile collection in blown Murano glass
(Venetian Crystal), capable of evoking other eras or adding a contemporary accent to the environment. Traditional manufacturing marries eclectic forms, giving life to creations that float suspended in the air.

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