Italian Brand Momenti sets a prestige for interiors with Chic Acoustic Wall Sound Panels

Momenti, the Italian custom design company that offers tailor-made designs for the entire living environment from floor to wall coverings, furniture to accessories and artworks, has unveiled a range of visually arresting yet functional acoustic wall sound panels. They are brought to India by Ottimo.

The Momenti Casa Acoustic Wall Sound collection offers efficient and sophisticated sound-absorbing panels for decorative interiors suitable for private homes, hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices. They are coatings that improve the acoustics of a room by reducing sound reverberation.

Momenti’s Acoustic Wall Sound follows the perimeter of an environment and defines spaces. It is sculptural in form and architectural in execution. It furnishes surfaces, volumes and geometries, and creates new ones. It is the cozy haven of conversation.

Create intimacy and atmosphere, ensuring the acoustic well-being of people in the same room. All this takes place thanks to sound-absorbing panels applied to the walls, or framed and self-supporting double-sided panels, or floor-to-ceiling panels.

The striking sound-absorbing panels for interiors are designed to minimize the excessive reverberation time of sound waves and promote acoustic insulation of the surrounding environments. The Acoustic Wall Sound system is specially designed to guarantee ideal acoustic well-being. With cladding and dividers in anti-reverberation sound-absorbing material, the living space is transformed into a small, comfortable, emotional and unique “ecosystem”.

The arresting sound-absorbing system is colorful and imaginative, as desired by those who ask for it. The surfaces of the panels can be finished with any pattern and any shade of the RAL color scale. Good sound absorption is a decisive quality for places and environments where people meet (restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, conference rooms, offices and much more). This range is aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same it.

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