Designing a space is just like designing an experience for those who create and witness both. Chromed Design Studio’s latest project, situated in the heart of the city is mesmerising

The epitome of luxury interiors at the Ophelia by Architect Abhigyaan Neogi creates an opulence filled with annexure from  Shakespeare’s world in conjunction with bold hues. The contradictory textures are indeed a form and function of an architect who knows his role. Architect Abhigyaan Neogi of Chrome Design Studio has well-crafted this space with his expertise.

Chromed Design Studio plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to purity of style, rather letting the vicinity translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. Their décors are their playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Chromed’s niche which is hospitality and luxury design excites and provokes but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the ambience and break free to entertain.

Concept and Layout

Spread across 7000 sq. ft. cued to luxury, the exemplary grand ambience stands out straight from  Shakespeare’s time. The old classical architecture & trends of red velvet times take us into the old world charm of romance. The alluring beauty of nature enveloped in this space in the form of floral wallpapers, the bold hues and carefully crafted spaces decorated with frames takes you down the memory lane.

Architect Abhigyaan Neogi

The theme is had been a pre-decided notion but what makes it more interesting is the way the layout is designed. It was a challenge for Abhigyaan as one of the walls was curved. “While designing the layout of Ophelia the only challenge we faced was that it was a curved enclosure. One side of the entire project was curved and adapting to it was the core challenge we accomplished.” Comments the architect.

Décor and Design

The restaurant was aimed as a throwback, a nod to yesteryear with a Shakespearean touch to it in the decor. The homage is evident in little touches, its walls and ceiling suffused with varicoloured roses. It’s all just that little bit too much, but in a good way. The bold colors and hues used like red, blue and green grab attention of the guests and give the space an energetic vibe. The Victorian-style ceiling design looks elegant and chic whilst the tapered arches blending into the ceiling look delightful and resplendent. The flooring is kept modest using three different shades of terrazzo namely fern green, slate grey and jet black along with brass dividers that exude appropriate visual texture to the floor. It incorporates elegant black marble on the periphery with black and white patterns designed in marble in the central area.

The light-walnut coloured furniture is designed in such a way that it reduces visual weight from the space making it look unrestricted, light and free and is best suited for the outdoors. The printed fabrics certainly contribute to the ocular buzz adding some colour to the entire mood. The affluent yet convenient furniture design with plush fabrics along with carefully designed details add to the overall luxe feel of the place. Whether it is the sofa seating with niches in the dusky red walls or entities depicting dark dusk green coloured doors, all these elements unfold a dynamic experience that leaves an everlasting impression. The design is kept modern and minimal, giving a relaxed and soothing vibe. Ruminating the design features, each aspect signifies a rich feeling that dawns upon the entire lounge.

The audacious golden framed graphics are a fusion of new in the old. The prominent Van Scott wooden panelling design on walls along with wooden fluting compliments the aura of the space. Mirrors on the columns make the space look larger and diffuses with the ambience too.

Highlights of the Space

Lighting has always played an important role in designing a space. A superlative lighting scheme exponentially raises the stakes of mesmerizing interior space. Whether the effect is soft & subtle or all-out glimmering, illumination is as integral as the décor of the space. Adding to it, the architect states, “In Ophelia, the advanced DMX feature with the crystal chandeliers attractively blends into the classy interiors. Also, the added element of colour in the lighting that changes harmony with music is certainly astonishing and appeals to all age groups, marking the project a notch ahead of the spaces of the same genre.”

The comprehensive design is the perfect spot for the high-class city residents or connoisseurs, searching for something new in the city. The luxurious and tasteful design is sure to attract many people with its alluring layout and the interactive outdoor and interiors comply well with its advanced technological features.

Speaking about the same, Neogi explains, “Creating an extravagant benchmark with the subtle consolidation of the old and the new design language was the objective behind Ophelia. It marks the advent of an ethereal, state of the art experience that is meticulously designed and paints a picture of style and exuberance. The soul of Ophelia lies in its gracefully designed spaces with exceptional sensitivity devoted towards luxurious aesthetics, unmatched comfort and variations offered in the space with fluctuating times of the day through the effect of lighting.”

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