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Prestige Villa Habitat in Bangaluru puts forth tasteful aesthetics that showcase a bespoke design narrative. The KariGhars presents this two-story residence as the epitome of comfort and luxury with subtle design style and clean lines.  The residence exudes elegant sophistication with a mesmerizing design grammar of neutral schemes and metallic textures. Since the clients wanted a more spacious schematic layout, the interior design style here imbibes a contemporary style with a functional approach. The minimal design style of all the floors is seamlessly blended with one another while holding their own independent approach. 

As one enters the house, the stunning lighting and metallic touches are hard to miss. The lobby opens up to a stunning foyer followed by the living room. The subtle colour palette adorns the interiors with pops of pastel blue. The geometric hanging pendant gives the room a memorable touch, offering an overall elegance to the space. The accent wall behind the television unit is made with natural marble further highlighted with metallic textures. The overall interiors define luxury that offers an instant feeling of expansiveness & comfort. The subtle hints of gold through the villa give it a dynamic three-dimensional look. The warm white lighting scheme gives an illusion of ambient luminescence throughout. 

Moving on, one can see a tasteful use of colours such as greys, whites, and beiges. These colours are accentuated with pops of blue or yellow. Each space is carved out with excruciating attention paid as the client called for a highly functional home. In order to deliver these pointers, the design team took up a contemporary modern style for the home. The living room is a study in neutrals, but it is punctuated with blue and white patterned upholstery that adds a touch of freshness. The room feels more spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows occupying three-quarters of the wall space and long flowing drapes. The television is mounted on a wall made of marble with gold accents that match the rest of the room beautifully. Reflecting other gold elements, the coffee table is elegant as it uses black and gold liberally. 

Behind the living room is the dining table that seats six. The dining space is fairly straightforward – a perfect place for a family to enjoy their meals in peace. However, a certain sense of timeless charm unites the living room and the dining room together. Attached to the dining room is the kitchen. A hallmark of design for The KariGhars is the use of automation. The kitchen is fully automated and is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, making for a seamless cooking experience. A classic window and beige touches expand the kitchen into something more wholesome. The kitchen is armed with LED lighting that is warm and recessed in nature, so it does not disrupt the fluidity of the kitchen. 

Traversing to the first floor, it acquires a master bedroom and two rooms for children. A family room integrating a projector is also outlined here. The family room is the perfect space for the residents to unwind and spend family time watching a movie on the projector after a long day. Cozy and plush seats in yellow that mimic movie theatre seats play as the focal facet of this room. The wall behind the seats is made of exposed brick, awash in dusty grey. Despite this room being meant for watching movies, a window has been provided. The sunlight can be blocked with the help of heavy drapes. The master bedroom is nothing short of a work of art. With hardwood floors and a huge vaulted ceiling, this room is extremely spacious. The bedside lamps are rustic and antique, with small figurines of metal men climbing on top. A window seating adorned with comfy blue cushions has also been integrated, and right next to this cozy nook is the office area. The children had a mature taste in colours. Their rooms follow suit with the colours used in the rest of the house. The first bedroom has subdued off whites and is dotted with touches of army green. The study table installed in the room provides the child with plenty of storage space as they grow up. The wardrobe has a mirrored surface that alternates with a translucent white surface. Just like the master bedroom, a cozy window nook has been provided here. The second bedroom is much more bright as it heavily relies on the use of the colour yellow. With hardwood floors and cove lighting, the room feels light and airy. Storage solutions have been provided in the form of shiny charcoal grey cabinets that make up for the seating area of the window nook. The study table equipped with overhead storage solutions is placed right next to the nook and between two windows to assimilate daylight benefits and foster creativity. The wardrobe is layered and shiny, and it utilizes hints of white and gold.  Exuding grace and timelessness along with the perfect amount of contemporary and traditional touches added to it, The KariGhars go above and beyond our expectations to deliver dreams in a neatly wrapped package with a bow with this residential design.  

Name of the project: Prestige Lakeside Habitat 

Design Team: Abhishek Chadha, Sukanya 

Location: Varthur, Bangalore 

Super Built-Up Area (Sq.ft): 4033 Sq Ft- built area 

Carpet Area (Sq.ft): 3000 Sq Ft area

Initiation date: Jan 2021 

Completion date: Aug 2021 

Budget: NA 

Photo courtesy: Dark Studio 

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