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N’Fabustone has established itself as the one-stop destination for a luxurious repertoire of imported marble, granite, onyx and quartz, chosen with great precision. Brace yourselves, as the second studio of N’Fabustone, which is slated to be opening in May, is going to be even grander. To be located close to the original studio at Gagan Pahad, Hyderabad, this new store is a feather in the cap of N’Fabustone’s expansion plans, which has well-established itself as a noteworthy, first of its kind luxury studio in Telangana.

Collection to look forward to
Among a few highlights for the fresh Spring Collection 2022, is the luxury marbles sourced from the cream of the crop at Antolini, Italy that is a rage all over the world among enthusiasts for their natural stone processing. Look out for natural stones that are sourced from premium quarries – some of the best in the country – and boast a lustrous finish. The collection sticks to classics, which matches the brand ethos.

What you can explore are marble flooring inlays that match your style. Expect to find marbles that can heighten the glamour of your floors or walls. The showcase here is designed to cater to plush residences, hotels, showrooms and even shopping malls. That apart, one can also look out for the onyx section. These slabs are well-liked as they add a dramatic element and make sure there’s no monotony in the interiors. You can find a variety of onyx slabs for special projects with a specific minimum requirement. These stones, manufactured as per the industry standards, are not only resilient and one-of-a-kind but come in several shades and designs.

Also, fancy granite countertops? Choose the best for your kitchen from slabs that include over 150 colours and varieties. Don’t forget to check out the quartz, which is enjoying great popularity among enthusiasts at the moment because of its beauty and durability. Architects prefer it for the beautiful finish as well. Don’t forget to check out their Statuario Rosso and Botanic Green collections as well, inspired by the beauty of florals and nature.

All about N’Fabustone and the launch of the brand
Established in 2019, this studio located at the outskirts of Hyderabad offers selections of stones with quaint antique finishes. From washroom fixtures to kitchen countertops, sophisticated flooring innovations to walls, there are countless beautiful options to explore. The best bit is that the knowledgeable staff will help you with the options at hand and make sure you get your bespoke best as customisation is the key here. No stone is left unturned unless they find you exactly what you are looking for and the combinations that complement your interiors.

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