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The annual ‘Diwali cleaning’ can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s the time of the year when one relooks what they own and takes the tough decision of throwing off things that are no longer needed. Clutter is anything that does not add value to one’s life. Cluttering not only makes the space look shabby but can have a major impact on the productivity of the residents. The team at ASRO Arcade believes in putting forth a clean home this festive season and thus offers tips to declutter one’s home interiors.

Segregate the festive decorations:
Diwali decorations that are put away in boxes never get reused. The shelf lives of festive decorations are usually low and most pieces stored take up a big chunk of storage. Check the items, throw away things that do not work, or are no longer suiting the interior aesthetic. This will make space for new decoration and less junk.

Organize your living room:
The living room is perhaps the most used space in the home that also sets the design tone of the rest of the house. It can be decluttered efficiently with minimum effort. It is a must to get rid of unnecessary & broken items, old magazines, and artefacts that do not match the place aesthetically. Additionally, to bring in a festive spirit, introduce new cushion covers and candles adding zestful freshness to the space. In the living room of the Mystique residence designed by ASRO Arcade, the floral and green furniture upholstery brings in vibrant energy when amalgamated with the
metallic statement pieces. The use of the candlesticks and the chic centre table further aids in building the festive fervour of the room.

Keep the kitchen clutter-free:
The festive season invites more cooking time with the increased demand for sweets and guests coming in, thus one should aim to keep the kitchen spaces as tidy as possible. The kitchen is full of appliances and utensils one doesn’t use. Divide the space into sections and keep what is necessary. In addition to this, items of the same categories are best when kept together as they save time and effort. It is best to keep the kitchen counters uncluttered and keep the storage cabinets shut to allow an illusion of free movement within the space.

Polished bathrooms:
People rarely spend time decluttering the bathroom that not only increases the junk but can also be unhygienic. Cleaning bathrooms are easy; start by choosing things that can be used frequently; sort them as per usage. Trash things that are expired or you do not use anymore. This will keep the daily usage space clutter-free and clean. One can also renovate the bathrooms with a neutral colour palette in mind so as to keep the design scheme symmetric and elegant.

Create a sorting system:
One can always curate their sorting method according to their needs, or choose the three-box method. The three-box method starts by labelling three boxes with “Keep,” “Get Rid Of,” and “Put In Storage.” Fill in these boxes with the items that suit them best and keep arranging or throwing them as they fill. The keep box will have the things or daily utility. The get rid of the box has to be filled with things that are broken or no longer in use. Lastly, things with sentimental value or seasonal use will go into the put-in storage box. Ensure that the items being sorted are recycled or donated to be more environmentally friendly. Decluttering and cleaning can give an individual a sense of accomplishment and control. Ar. Robin Sosodiya hopes that these simple tips offer each one a warm welcome into a stress-free festive season. Give the home a minimalist look and remind oneself that editing is the key to having an assembled space.

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