Beyond Dreams’ new collection of soft furnishings is a harbinger of hope holding within its many details the promise of indulging in the holiday we all are dreaming of. Depicting the floral, architectural and historical diversity of Goa is the eclectic range that is designed in the choicest blended velvet with a matt finish. The collection prominently illustrates Goa’s cultural sensibilities through the unique motifs of palm trees, cathedral churches, and Portuguese-style houses juxtaposed against the solid hues of cream and beige. 

Helmed by the second-generation husband-wife duo, Avani and Akshay Khurana, Beyond Dreams was unveiled in 2020 by the leading fabric and furnishing label Dreams Furnishing. A privé concept curated to offer personalised design consultancy services to help transform houses into ‘homes’, the brand understands what goes into creating warm and welcoming spaces. Their flagship store is packed with an expansive collection of bespoke fabrics and furniture pieces that cater to various tastes.

Invoking a sense of freshness and serenity, the collection is a timely reminder of the beauty this tropical destination beholds that is known for escaping the hoary jostle and monotony of everyday life. Given the collection’s unique language and versatile prints, the furnishings can be applied as upholstery, wall tapestry and draperies and tableware, making it an integral part of your living spaces. 

“An ode to our love for travelling, we have created this collection of unique prints and patterns for everyone who has missed out on their frequent beach vacations due to the pandemic. To give your home a tropical paradise look and feel, we have focused on prints and patterns resembling a laid back beach town.” – says Akshay Khurana, co-founder, Beyond Dreams.

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