When it comes to workspace, one looks for comfort, sophistication and subtleness. This extraordinary space created by Urban Zen marks its uniqueness in creating one such space from an old house to an office that could accommodate approximately four dozens of workaholics.

Urban Zen was formed in January 2011, out of a passion for design and a quest for perfection. Instilling fascination, elevating the human spirit and initiating conversation are the cornerstones of Urban Zen’s design story. A passionate proponent of independent thinking and creative change, Rohit Suraj, Urban Zen’s Founder and CEO, has, designed and executed a vast spectrum of projects of varying scales and profiles from multi-million-dollar international mega ports to masterplan developments, mid-rise buildings, niche villas and boutiques.

A boutique firm specialized in the design, construction, and finishing of residences, establishments and other niche commercial spaces, it is a one- stop turnkey solution for clients looking for structured, time-bound and high quality living environments. We understand that building an ideal home, office or hospitality establishment can be a tedious and demanding experience. At Urban Zen, we look forward to making this landmark journey an enjoyable experience for the client while bringing his/her vision to life.

Located at Film Nagar, Hyderabad, The Numi Office, designed by Urban Zen, is an efficient & proactive workspace designed with a raw, contemporary and minimalistic approach. The idea was to fabricate a hospitable working environment with varied work settings. On speaking about converting the space, the designer mentioned, “A new space is easier to design but recreating an old space and giving it a new lease on life is a challenge we relished. It meant we had to apply our minds and our creative instincts to not just redesigning but bringing to life the client’s vision despite existing constraints.”

The layout of a workspace can change the way it is perceived by the employees and by having a defined workplace, it is much easier to focus and get down to the task at hand. Rohit Suraj carefully crafted this space with several civil changes made to incorporate the open space and office like vibe that was critical to the design brief.

“The client’s brief was to refurbish an old house to create an office. Several civil changes were made to incorporate the open space and office like vibe that was critical to the design brief.” – Rohit Suraj

With the agenda of maintaining an industrial look, the designer picked grey tiles in a tumbled finish. The mesh and furniture legs were all painted in gunmetal grey. Inspired by Edoardo Tresoldi’s work, the mesh and the tiles were installed at a 45 degree angle, adding a little drama to the space and diverting the attention away from the massive workstation. Task lights were suspended from the slab and through the mesh above workstations intensifying the design scheme. Renovating a home into an office space requires a lot to innovate on several fronts. From fewer available restrooms to more people needing to be accommodated, the design was conceptualized to tackle these challenges. Due to the limited space available, the colour scheme in shades and textures of grey, enhanced with pops of colour – yellow formed the backdrop to showcase both the minimalist design and its chic undertones. The studio inside consists of the main workstation, manager cabins, a photography room, a meeting room and a designer’s room. Another important aspect that demands attention is the furniture used. All the workstations were fabricated and customised to desired sizes. The base was constructed in metal and the surfaces were made with plywood, laminate and edge-binding material.

PC: Ricken Desai

A charming, contemporary and chic exterior ensures a positive and enduring first impression that is only cemented as one enters the vibrant space. The reception area on the ground floor is outlined with full-height glasses in the form of large openings on all available sides. This area is kept aesthetically simple with a gorgeously designed custom made reception table and a few couches for the visitors. The terrace was partially covered by a roof where a civil platform is raised and a rafter detail has been created at the end of the platform.  This helped in outlining another distinctive space which while being outdoors, felt like an addition to the indoors. A small coffee table and a few chairs at one end create an identifiable workspace. Tall plants, rafters finished in distressed bronze and a grey limestone floor paints the perfect picture of calm professionalism and effortless style. 

The main highlight of the workspace is the lighting. The use of linear lights above workstations made sure each desk was well lit. The workstation surroundings were lit using deep-recessed downlights which helped create pools of light on the floor and made the space visually appealing. From collaborative spaces to individual work zones, this office is a wholesome space which inculcates ingenuity, fun and learning. The space was kept as simple as possible while still highlighting its distinctive character. An innovative yet creative design, the Numi office achieves a hospitable and distinctive working environment for its employees.

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