Founded in Alicante, Spain in 1977, Alhambra International has its presence in more than 100 countries in the textile sector for interior design and home decoration. Today, it is a reference in textiles of high quality and design. Famed for their luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics with designs rooted in Indian traditions, yet exuding universal appeal, RR Decor stands apart in the furnishings world. With the launch of Alhambra’s latest collection, RR Décor reaffirms its commitment to offering eclectic and world-class contemporary choices.

The new collection, Ikaria, pays homage to a haven of peace off the Turkish coast, amid the Aegean Sea. Defined by the sun and the Mediterranean weather, this Greek island is perfect for resting, calmness and a bit of adventure. So Ikaria textiles exude the same laidback vibe coupled with colours and freshness.

With their natural appeal and subtle hues and textures, the Ikaria collection offers a rare combination of the refined and the rustic look. There are very light linens, together with textiles with an air of raw and carded wool. Thick natural fabrics with sophisticated designs. The textures uncannily transmit the Mediterranean serenity. The textiles are great for a wide range of applications including curtains, upholstery, cushions, bed linen, and even cladding. When you embrace these textiles for your home, it is as if you’re at an elegant resort overlooking a beach!

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