What began in 1992 as a small, single-handedly managed operation, has metamorphosed into an undisputed hallmark in luxury home design. The eponymous brand Sarita Handa (Sarita Handa Exports Pvt. Ltd., or SHEPL) is the creative vision of one woman, who, with passion, grit and perseverance, sought to reinvigorate pride in art and textile design. She did so by bringing the special nuances closer to people, through their most precious possession – their Home.

The company was started with a seed capital of INR 7, 00,000 – INR 10,00,000, which was inclusive of Mr. Handa’s savings, and a flat the family owned, in Noida. It is currently headquartered in Gurgaon, Manesar, and its product lines are executed in approx. 400,000 sq. ft. of factory space.

 Sarita Handa is essentially a family-run enterprise. Family values – open communication, trust, transparency, ideating and planning together, mutual support and constant encouragement –  are at the heart of the business ethos. The team at the helm of affairs also includes experienced professionals who are as good as family members, because they have had their own role to play in consolidating the development and diversification of the brand. 

Over the course of 28 years, brand Sarita Handa has experienced several milestones. In terms of expansion and growth, it achieved its first million dollars in 1993-1994 itself. Thereafter, the $10 million and $20 million marks were crossed in 2001-2002 and 2006-2007 respectively.  Recently, the brand crossed $30 million, in 2017-2018 and ended 2019 at $40 million.

Sarita Handa offers quilted and non-quilted bed linens; furniture; table linens; bath and hand towels; embroidered, printed and block colour cushions; curtain and upholstery fabrics; floor and wall coverings; table, floor and hanging lamps; decorative accents like sculptures and antiques, mirrors, and ceramics; and lifestyle accessories such as bags, iPad covers, personal use and travel pouches, tissue box covers, scarves and jewellery.

Sarita Handa is also much sensitised towards the delicate natural balance of our environment, and the need to not take its resilience for granted. As a brand, it takes a holistic approach towards sustainability, and has established a company culture of conscientiousness. Sarita Handa has an Oeko-Tex certification, for eco-friendly chemicals used only for dyeing, printing, and washing.  It subscribes to the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit, multi-stakeholder governance group that promotes best-practice standards in global cotton production.  Additionally, the Sarita Handa factory is certified for production made from Organic Cotton.  The cotton used is grown on farms that do not use any form of chemical fertilizers. There is complete traceability of the fabric to the farm at each stage of production.

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