Eris Home is synonymous with sustainable luxury and its spring-summer collection stays true to that commitment

Even before the pandemic brought issues like sustainability and fair practices in the world of luxury to the forefront, Sanjana Lunia – Founder and Creative Head of Eris Home had made her conscientious commitment tangible through her responsible luxury brand Eris Home. In fact the brand name itself is a word play on ‘Eri Silkworms’, which yield silk that is often referred to as the ‘fabric of peace’.

Eris Home stands for ‘luxury shouldn’t kill’, it takes pride in the fact that not a single silkworm was harmed in the making of its products. Unlike traditional sericulture practices, Eris silkworms naturally leave their cocoons and progress to the next step in their life cycle, leaving behind their cocoons to be woven into yarn which has a beautiful matte finish. This unique sericulture technique is practiced by only a handful globally.
Eris Home is a retail venture of Eris Global- founded in 2017, with the aim to introduce the world to the beauty of Ahimsa Silk. Eris Global manufactures and exports furnishing fabrics to the US and the Middle East.

Eris Home’s Spring-Summer collection features nine bedcovers, each with a unique story to tell. The ‘Cocooned in Luxury’ collection has three ahimsa silk jacquard bed covers which can double as quilts. The woven patterns on them are inspired by the magnificent show that nature puts on display. For instance the greyish-blue bedcover ‘Somber Sky’, is reminiscent of a cloudy morning that invokes the desire to laze in bed a few moments longer. In contrast, the combination of cream, orange and teal in the ‘Orange Sunset’ tells the tranquil tale of the sun when departing the day. ‘Sandhills’, third in the collection, is inspired by the unique impressions created by the ebb and flow of desert sand.

With mother nature’s striking minerals as its muse, the ‘Mineral Pallete’ collection features six blended cotton bedcovers that are sure to appeal to a wide audience. It’s available in soothing colors such as powder pink, sea green, cream and mustard yellow. 

To add flare to any room, Eris Home’s Spring-Summer collection has accent pillows that are packed with personality. The finds include Lumbar cushion covers called ‘Allure’ characterized by embellishments, embroidery or beadwork. Turn to the Origami and Unicolor cushion covers for well-designed comfort and to satisfy your plush-loving imagination.

“We are committed to respecting our surroundings and that commitment is reflected in not only how we treat materials but also how we treat our people. Even before the pandemic, we strived towards sustainability. Every small step in the direction was wrought with challenges, which we graciously embraced. With this latest collection we aim to introduce, educate and adorn Indian homes with durable and beautifully crafted non-violent silk bed covers and cushions,” says Sanjana Lunia, Founder and Creative Head, Eris Home.

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