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Sicis’ Home Collection of Furniture in India sizzles

Renowned worldwide for its spectacular mosaic creations and furniture pieces that epitomize superior craftsmanship, design and technology,
Sicis has launched its latest exquisite Home Collection of furniture in India. This spectacular collection features the following pieces:

Dalton Small Kitchen Chest: This kitchen chest is a contemporary model that still maintains the traditional shape of cupboards. The metal handles embellish the lacquered surfaces creating a dynamic texture. Its sideboard has a glossy lacquered finish. Its base and handles are with coated lacquered and liquid metal finish. The kitchen chest’s interior has a glossy lacquered finish and its back features a bronzed or smoky mirror. The kitchen chest features microfibre matted shelves and LED lighting with an opening sensor. This kitchen chest is available in a number of hues.

Tray Round Side Table: This is a side table with a pleasant shape and combination of materials. A modern line with plastic expressiveness, but it is by looking at the profiles of the legs and the top that you can discover its preciousness. Its structure is in metal with a coated finish. The side table’s top is in grey oak and Vetrite, which is available in a number of hues.

Tray Rectangular Coffee Table: This coffee table’s shape and the materials used make it a beautiful piece that fits any ambience. Its structure is in metal with a coated finish. The coffee table’s top is in grey oak and Vetrite, which is available in a number of hues.

Amaretto Armchair: Soft and rounded shapes have inspired Sicis’ designers in the making of Amaretto armchairs. They are customizable in colour and finishes. This armchair’s structure is in plywood and it features padding with polyurethane foam in various densities. The chair’s feet and ring are in metal with a coated finishing.

Prestige Modular Sofa: This sofa is made to complete any type of environment, thanks to its flowing and rounded shape. Fun but above all captivating, it is made according to the dictates of Italian craftsmanship. This sofa’s structure is in solid wood and plywood. Its padding is with polyurethane foam in various densities and its base is available in a coated finishing.


Sources Unlimited Unveils the Tuber Collection of Planters by Indigenus

Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end
international furniture, accessories and lighting solutions in the Indian market, has unveiled an exquisite range of planters by Indigenus. Indigenus designs and manufactures beautiful, durable architectural planters developed to uplift and enhance residential, hospitality and corporate

Designed by Haldane Martin, the Tuber Collection is an eye-catching range of planters. Created to last generations and weather with character, the mighty Tuber is crafted from African Iroko, a hard timber often used for boat building, flooring and outdoor furniture. The Tuber’s enduring
strength is derived from individual cut pieces of wood bolted together internally with stainless steel pins and hand assembled into a pleasing bulbous form.

As it names implies, the Tuber sits as if it is rooted in the ground. Its solid bearing means it can be interspersed randomly, bunched as a large centrepiece or grouped in large numbers to create exciting journeys through a vast space. The Tuber would be particularly suitable when creating an indoor forest installation. The Tuber Collection is also available in stone.


Eris Home is synonymous with sustainable luxury and its spring-summer collection stays true to that commitment

Even before the pandemic brought issues like sustainability and fair practices in the world of luxury to the forefront, Sanjana Lunia – Founder and Creative Head of Eris Home had made her conscientious commitment tangible through her responsible luxury brand Eris Home. In fact the brand name itself is a word play on ‘Eri Silkworms’, which yield silk that is often referred to as the ‘fabric of peace’.

Eris Home stands for ‘luxury shouldn’t kill’, it takes pride in the fact that not a single silkworm was harmed in the making of its products. Unlike traditional sericulture practices, Eris silkworms naturally leave their cocoons and progress to the next step in their life cycle, leaving behind their cocoons to be woven into yarn which has a beautiful matte finish. This unique sericulture technique is practiced by only a handful globally.
Eris Home is a retail venture of Eris Global- founded in 2017, with the aim to introduce the world to the beauty of Ahimsa Silk. Eris Global manufactures and exports furnishing fabrics to the US and the Middle East.

Eris Home’s Spring-Summer collection features nine bedcovers, each with a unique story to tell. The ‘Cocooned in Luxury’ collection has three ahimsa silk jacquard bed covers which can double as quilts. The woven patterns on them are inspired by the magnificent show that nature puts on display. For instance the greyish-blue bedcover ‘Somber Sky’, is reminiscent of a cloudy morning that invokes the desire to laze in bed a few moments longer. In contrast, the combination of cream, orange and teal in the ‘Orange Sunset’ tells the tranquil tale of the sun when departing the day. ‘Sandhills’, third in the collection, is inspired by the unique impressions created by the ebb and flow of desert sand.

With mother nature’s striking minerals as its muse, the ‘Mineral Pallete’ collection features six blended cotton bedcovers that are sure to appeal to a wide audience. It’s available in soothing colors such as powder pink, sea green, cream and mustard yellow. 

To add flare to any room, Eris Home’s Spring-Summer collection has accent pillows that are packed with personality. The finds include Lumbar cushion covers called ‘Allure’ characterized by embellishments, embroidery or beadwork. Turn to the Origami and Unicolor cushion covers for well-designed comfort and to satisfy your plush-loving imagination.

“We are committed to respecting our surroundings and that commitment is reflected in not only how we treat materials but also how we treat our people. Even before the pandemic, we strived towards sustainability. Every small step in the direction was wrought with challenges, which we graciously embraced. With this latest collection we aim to introduce, educate and adorn Indian homes with durable and beautifully crafted non-violent silk bed covers and cushions,” says Sanjana Lunia, Founder and Creative Head, Eris Home.


A sneak peak into Sarita Handa’s products- a step towards sustainability

What began in 1992 as a small, single-handedly managed operation, has metamorphosed into an undisputed hallmark in luxury home design. The eponymous brand Sarita Handa (Sarita Handa Exports Pvt. Ltd., or SHEPL) is the creative vision of one woman, who, with passion, grit and perseverance, sought to reinvigorate pride in art and textile design. She did so by bringing the special nuances closer to people, through their most precious possession – their Home.

The company was started with a seed capital of INR 7, 00,000 – INR 10,00,000, which was inclusive of Mr. Handa’s savings, and a flat the family owned, in Noida. It is currently headquartered in Gurgaon, Manesar, and its product lines are executed in approx. 400,000 sq. ft. of factory space.

 Sarita Handa is essentially a family-run enterprise. Family values – open communication, trust, transparency, ideating and planning together, mutual support and constant encouragement –  are at the heart of the business ethos. The team at the helm of affairs also includes experienced professionals who are as good as family members, because they have had their own role to play in consolidating the development and diversification of the brand. 

Over the course of 28 years, brand Sarita Handa has experienced several milestones. In terms of expansion and growth, it achieved its first million dollars in 1993-1994 itself. Thereafter, the $10 million and $20 million marks were crossed in 2001-2002 and 2006-2007 respectively.  Recently, the brand crossed $30 million, in 2017-2018 and ended 2019 at $40 million.

Sarita Handa offers quilted and non-quilted bed linens; furniture; table linens; bath and hand towels; embroidered, printed and block colour cushions; curtain and upholstery fabrics; floor and wall coverings; table, floor and hanging lamps; decorative accents like sculptures and antiques, mirrors, and ceramics; and lifestyle accessories such as bags, iPad covers, personal use and travel pouches, tissue box covers, scarves and jewellery.

Sarita Handa is also much sensitised towards the delicate natural balance of our environment, and the need to not take its resilience for granted. As a brand, it takes a holistic approach towards sustainability, and has established a company culture of conscientiousness. Sarita Handa has an Oeko-Tex certification, for eco-friendly chemicals used only for dyeing, printing, and washing.  It subscribes to the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit, multi-stakeholder governance group that promotes best-practice standards in global cotton production.  Additionally, the Sarita Handa factory is certified for production made from Organic Cotton.  The cotton used is grown on farms that do not use any form of chemical fertilizers. There is complete traceability of the fabric to the farm at each stage of production.


Orange Tree expands its line of products and forays into furniture with the stunning Yoho collection

BASANT, a leading Indian designer, manufacturer and exporter, is known for their exquisite hand-crafted furniture for over 22 years and has made a mark across 17 countries through international clients such as Crate and Barrel, Westelm, Pottery Barn, Zara Home and H&M Home. The legendary design house is an unparalleled specialist of creative and quality furniture that keeps sustainability on top of its mind. In their 9.5 lakh-square-foot factory in Jodhpur, eco-conscious furniture is made out of reclaimed wood, iron, steel and fibre. The Founder Vinay Kumar had a vision to start a brand in the domestic market too, that would bring global trends and designs in the same quality at competitive prices to the Indian audience. This thought inspired his son Gaurav Jain – to start Orange Tree in 2014 with Nikita Bansal as Head Designer (lighting and wall decor). Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy, Orange Tree believes in strong ties between culture, craftsmanship and industry, nurturing emotion and sensitivity in design and interpreting global trends that are contemporary in form but handcrafted in spirit.

The company ventured into e-commerce and retail in 2014. Foraying into the furniture for the first time in India, their latest line ‘The Yoho Collection needs no introduction. In a world of excess subtlety in nature can be hard to see, even though we are surrounded by it. Orange Tree ventures into the forest and aims to capture its rawness, the order in the chaos. YOHO collection inspired by the Yoho National park is the culmination of these meandering feelings. Made in a raw tone with Acacia wood in Natural finish, the collection is reminiscent of the initial elements before they are transformed. . Each piece is crafted from Solid Indian Wood. Natural variations in the wood grain and coloring are to be expected, no two pieces are alike. 

The collection defines the remarkable style of minimalism with bedside tables, beds, consoles, bookshelf and chairs to create a rendezvous in the minds of the onlooker. The color tone of the solid Acacia wood is used to handcraft the range which resembles the warm brown of fertile earth, the natural variations are reminiscent of the undulating mountain trails and the raw edginess of the collection brings to fore the rather rustic architecture of Yoho.

“Orange Tree is poised to bring a new outlook to the world of furniture. We have talented craftsmen and the best designers trained in modern design concepts. Our endeavour is to create contemporary products out of the finest materials while keeping intact our family values of hard work and responsibility,” says Gaurav Jain, Founder, Orange Tree.

“Design has been an inherent part of Indian art and culture for centuries. It is vividly visible in its architecture, handicrafts and handlooms. The recent scenario of contemporary Indian handicraft has emerged as a culmination of Traditions, regional designs and the latest trends. The innovation of craftsmanship has become very important in the role of trade and business. This results from a fusion of traditional craft skills with contemporary inputs from designers and modern technologies.” says NIkita Bansal, Head of Design (lighting and wall decor), Orange Tree.

Orange Tree has enthralled the customers with its exquisite lights and wall decor and is a dedicated wing that caters to the hospitality industry, commercial and residential projects across.


Inhabit- a renewed sense of exuberance and cultivated creativity

Inhabit began as a niche design studio in 2004, sparking off a renewed sense of exuberance and cultivated creativity in the Indian interiors industry. Propelled by founder and designer Neeta Kumar’s passion for bringing out the individuality of a space and its occupants through eclectic and intelligent design, Inhabit has rapidly evolved into a top-notch furniture manufacturer, savvy retail space, and the final destination for the discerning home owner. Yet, it remains a full-fledged design studio at heart, with a specialization in developing and executing turnkey interiors projects.

Deconstructed Collection

We delight in serving you with precision and excellence. As a result, Inhabit earned ISO certification in 2008 – a testament to our devotion to matching your requirements to high-quality products. We work with seasoned artisans from all over the country to create products of impeccable craftsmanship which are fully, and proudly, Made in India. These products are created using world-class materials that add to your home without taking away from nature. Reclaimed teakwood is our primary and preferred wood for this purpose – a versatile and environment-friendly option that gives your furniture a durable yet luxurious feel with its unique grain and the aura of a rich heritage.

Before going into production, every product at Inhabit – standalone, bespoke, or part of a larger project – is developed in an intensive design stage. This stage is the culmination of our design philosophy and guarantee. Our design philosophy is shaped by our experience of the world’s finest architectural styles. We draw inspiration from the best in diverse architectural design values, be it the glorious confluence of Islamic structure with Hindu ornamentation in the Charminar, the austere grace of the Gothic quatrefoil, or the mesmerizing vectors of Art Deco. And our guarantee is a seamless blend of the principles of ergonomics, functionality and selective use of wood, fabrics, and finishes.

Statement Chairs

At Inhabit, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our services. From simply walking into any of our outlets to grab a particular piece that sets your imagination on fire, to ordering bespoke furniture that is your dream crafted into reality – we cover all the bases for you. Our expertise encompasses free-standing furniture, as well as the designing of entire spaces.

In essence, Inhabit is a place by and for people who love their homes. Neeta Kumar, owner and soul of Inhabit, believes that, “Homes are powerful. They give a blueprint to our lives.” A furniture and interior designer by training, legacy and passion, she has a deep understanding of the difficulties of creating a home from a house that’s both comfortable and compelling. At the helm of a team of experienced design professionals and master craftsmen, Neeta has shaped Inhabit into the one-stop place for tackling all the challenges of making a well-designed and attainable home. We ease the demands on your time, help you make the best of your space and existing art and furniture collections, and find balance between what’s fashionable and what will endure. And we do this through lovingly crafted furniture that is rooted in classic values, alive with contemporary aesthetics, and timelessly current.


MIMI Homes new collection adds a new dimension to your homes effortlessly

Put the finishing touches to perfect décor with the newly launched sticking home décor accessories and fashion-forward furniture collection by MIMI Homes. The premium interior and home décor brands latest collection is designed with elegance and sophistication, giving you an unmatched comfort and unrivalled style.

Boasting bold designs, elegant shapes in seasonal hues, the conspicuous home décor accessories collection features distinctly structured rich neutrals, eclectic designs, and aesthetic statement pieces. MIMI Homes collection also has a wide range of trendy upholster furnitures including sofas, beds, coffee tables, consoles, bookshelves, bar units etc.

Featuring ivory and gold accessories, statement marble detailing and warm walnut woods, all pieces in the collection are created with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality workmanship to make each piece one of a kind. The stunning interior and home decor pieces fit into any aesthetic and would bring a sense of serenity into your home. 

Add a statement to the centre of any lounge with a sleek and stylish table from MIMI Homes. Pair the sofa with a side table worthy of attention with one of the beautiful options. Go contemporary with a unique antique side table made by reused wood and iron legs or go for the inverted trapezoidal table with marble top and an iron base coated in a gold coffee table – each just as striking as the other.


All that Jazz – A collection of bespoke, luxury furniture by Mantra One

Mantra One is a leading luxury lifestyle company that has been offering bespoke furniture since 2011. The 10 year old design-house has launched a new line of luxury collection that celebrates unexpected colours and unique material combinations, Mantra One stretches the boundaries of art, engineering and design to create exquisite contemporary furniture. From conceptualization to installation, the company goes the extra mile by offering design consultancy and crafting custom made products to make ‘dream homes’. The collection offers from designer sofas to an array of luxury beds, bars, tables and more.  

All That Jazz is a collection of stories. Inside each furniture piece lies a timeless tale of Indian tradition, culture, innovation and technology. Written by Jatin Kapoor, these stories are a range of luxury furniture pieces that are contemporary yet functional. The storytellers are their craftsmen that breathe form, artistry, detail and purpose into each creation. Like most Indian crafts, metalworking is a time-honoured tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. From the bidri work of Andhra Pradesh to the brassware of Moradabad, India’s expert craftsmen work wonders with metal. The design house has given a new lease of life to the old-school art of Indian metalworking by translating it into spectacular craft-intensive furniture with universal aesthetics.

Each piece of furniture is a medley bringing together varied materials in the design process to add to the character with contrasting textures and unique finishes. Techniques such as fusion of metal and wood, contrast of glossy and Matt surfaces, uniquely tinted wood as well as leather accents have been used to make the furniture come alive. The colours are understated and neutral with little pockets of pop to add accent. The design house is a one stop solution from a-z of design from conceptualization to the final installation.

The collection includes monoco dining table features distinctive spiral legs in stainless steel with a brass finish, Valentina couch, Agate chair, I’m bored bed and Flute bar is ideal for homes that desire a sleek and compact bar unit, which is still functional and beautifully designed.

A creative embodiment of the ‘Make in India’ movement, evry furniture piece from the collection can be tailored down to the last detail- from materials, finishes, upholstery fabrics and framework.