Sans Souci, Czech designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures and glass objectives has installed BOND into the Czech Pavilion. Traditionally a centre-piece in the home, BOND was selected as a sustainable lighting solution for the pavilion’s only restaurant, “Bohemia Beer”, also located in the Sustainability District.

BOND is Sans Souci’s first Home Editions collection of luxury lighting solutions. Made in the Czech Republic, the glass pendants feature a hand-crafted shape inside a shape with an integrated light source. With their sleek, slightly futuristic look, each room becomes a perfect backdrop.

“BOND has a delicate innovative design where one handcrafted glass pendant sits within another contrasting shaped pendant. With its sustainable nano-coating it creates a special ambience due to light reflection and light transmission, and different effects throughout the day and the night”, said Elie El Khoury, Managing Director of Sans Souci, Middle East.

Bohemia Beer Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Czech Pavilion, Sustainability District, Dubai EXPO.

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