Ottimo launches in India the Infinity Open Walk-in Closet by the Italian luxury brand CPRN Homood. With its open compartments and a central double island counter, the Infinity Open Walk-in Closet epitomizes a sophisticated design, simplicity and smart space organization.

A high degree of personalization of storage using an array of organization of spaces, dimensions and forms is the mainstay of all CPRN Homood wardrobes and walk-in closets. Combine this with an elegant design using carefully chosen materials, and you have a range of superior wardrobes and walk-in closets.

Their Infinity Open Walk-in Closet impresses with a combination of open shelves, drawers and a central counter. With its open concept, the closet enhances the freedom for appropriate rationalisation of space.

The lacquered colour: Flower skin finish of the closet evokes a refined
and delightful look. The double island counter has a structure in lacquered colour: Flower skin and Basalt black, and features glass shelves and a saddle leather top. The Sectional Walk-in Closet features a structure and shelves in lacquered colour: Flower skin. The back-side is in back-lacquered glass colour: Basalt black. Accessories colour: Moka. A wonderful contrast of shades and a simple design result in a classy walk-in closet.

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