It takes a minute to pick your best style but it is an expert how creates one for you. Heema Chhabra with her ever-evolving style has defined a subtle fusion of clean lines with luxurious neutral tones and intuitive balance with opulent warmth explaining the worth of a master bedroom with a perfect balance of form and functionality.

Her designs shape intuitiveness between opulence and warmth. “I feel that my design aesthetic is different from others because I prefer to work on the aspect of utility first and foremost. Our home is a reflection of ourselves and our lifestyle, and I try to design the space to reflect my clients’ personalities,” says Heema Chhabra, Founder, Heema Chhabra Design Consultant.

She is one of the most sought-after interior designers of her generation known for multi-faceted couture interior, along with detailed advice on every aspect of the project. Over the years, she has built a diverse portfolio that includes exclusive commercial projects, private houses, farmhouses, and builder projects. 

In her recent project that she shared with us, she has designed each space of the master bedroom with an impeccable sense of style to appeal to the aesthetic eye.

This master bedroom is created keeping a contemporary spin with Art Deco styling in mind. The styling of the room is blending well with its materials with the geometric pattern. Handl-free drawers impactfully outline on PU and brushed brass finish. The pleasing proportion with the clean lines complements the symmetrical beauty of this sleeping space. From design to upholstery, carpentry, metalwork, and more, we offered in the sleeping space an unparalleled personalization.

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