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The year’s summer has a fresh take on the design language with lively elements, rich details and an overarching eco-conscious perspective that cherishes the touch of originality. The pantone colour of the year 2021—Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow give a saturated wash to the spaces, taking the stage as luxuriant luminaires or plush furnishings that ring the tunes of drama. Curves are embraced more than ever—cosy, cocooning solids shape a softer, dreamier aura in the homes. Crescent seaters and wingback chairs are revisited with an avant-garde eye for style.

Earthen palettes come out as the visually tranquilizing tones that comfort the space—Beige, Amber, Tan, Umber, Olive green and Terracotta red. There is a blend of subtleness and indigenous flavour in the earthy hues coming along as wall décor or a statement furniture. Patterns that remind the outdoors—the ocean and the tropics, come out with the thrust to revive the ambience as wild florals or botanical abstracts in the backdrop. The elements are lured by everything ‘green’.

Spaces are made more breathable with green pockets that rejuvenate the interior. Cactus, Calathea and Ferns in bright ceramic pots are a contemporary garden phenomenon. Natural wood, brass and terracotta escort the flora with indigenous aesthetics. A terazzo planter is an ultra-chic beaut that outshines the famed, luxe show of the material’s medley on the walls and the floors. The garden furniture takes the form of the artisanal pieces with hand-weaved rattan and other eco-materials that celebrate the ties to nature. 

The summer of 2021 shall see the designers take a significant leap from the yesteryear styles such as Cottage core, to a more vogue scene. The style’s sublime and romantic reimagination of simplicity in lifestyle, gets a refined makeover with Rustic Vogue that marries glam and craftsmanship. The artisanal touch is still glorified in the fabrics wrapping the space as curtains and floor mats. The furniture standing on the picturesque podiums are more inclined towards the sophistication attribute of the style, brought by a mattified skin.

A personal touch to the cherished elements belonging to the past is bestowed upon the spaces by the Grandmillennial style. The edgy collections with a dainty backdated appeal bring back the wood, the wallpapers and the upholstery. There is a power play with soft curves and sharp geometry on an assortment of accessories—the mid-century classics celebrating the muse and the vibrant colour choices. Remisced by the Grandmillennial trends is Maximalism—a cheerful, aesthetically abundant collection of décor that celebrates the florals, wild figurines and metallic accents. There is a soft spot for extravagance, brought by layering of elements, their curation and intricacy that reflect on a sentimental note. A more intimate, nostalgic recall of brute stonework and hardwood along the furniture underlines the trace of Contemporary Country style in the interiors. With the country remix, a space finds the old-world charm in a contemporised palette that has more room for leather-upholstered armchairs, antique armoires, hand-scraped timber consoles.

The summer trends find a sophisticated, à la mode indulgence into the eco-beliefs with natural dyes and organic fabrics such as hemp, linen. The trails of eco-chic style are left by the dexterity with the greens—houseplants in brushed brass or polished marble décor. The space revels in the interior palette reigned by the shades of nature across the blues, greens and the neutrals. The interior setup finds tune with the nature and brings the dawn of summer that rejoices the modern mix of styles, their reminiscence and their imagination. 

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