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Founded in 1999 & headed by Principal Architects Anurag & Pallavi Pashine, Salankar Pashine & Associates, a Nagpur based firm is composed of a skilled staff of architects, designers, including project engineer professionals. SPA’s Architectural & Interior Design services are tailor-made to exceed the expectations of all those in need of sophisticated & resolute proficiency in executing their projects. Their design philosophy revolves around a consistent opportunity to innovate & experiment. They form a cohesive partnership with clients, that begins with an open dialogue and evolves into trust, confidence, and collaboration. Time and again, they have proved their mettle as the finest team of architects & designers in Nagpur, displaying an outstanding track record of excellence, combined with service efficiency & swift responsiveness. Their mission is to create beautiful, livable spaces that meet the client’s aesthetics, functional, and economic goals while respecting the environment.

Salankar Pashine & Associates have dominated the AEC Industry with their impeccable craft of design and ability to transform spaces. While designing their abode, they left no stone unturned in curating a space that projected an infinite sense of aesthetics to the expanse. A home is synonymous to a meticulously designed space, formulated to create a realm of tranquil and solace. The plethora of intangible factors of design is given equal importance as the tangible ones by Ar. Anurag & Ar. Pallavi Pashine. 

Built-in a commodious 2950 square feet area, the Pashine Residence originally was a 4  bedroom apartment; amalgamated now to formulate a 3 BHK by demolishing the common wall encasing one of the bedrooms. The 3 bedroom apartment comprises of the entrance lobby, bar, dining area, a master bedroom, 2 individual bedrooms for their sons, a living room with a large balcony that not only provides a dedicated space to unwind but also gives a marvelous view outside. The theme followed throughout the house is modern contemporary & a remarkable attempt has been made to make the house as maintenance-free as possible.

Delving deeper into the design, the pristine neutral color scheme of the living room is carried into the modular kitchen as well. To add a little bling, silver black mosaic has been used in the kitchen. An attractive contrast has been created with white shutters for counters on the underside and translucent shutters for the overhead counters. The use of open shelves minimizes the bulk of overhead storage and the black granite marble countertop accents a stark contrast to the white interiors. Elaborating on the flooring design a common theme has been followed throughout the expanse. All the common areas have Italian flooring & all the bedrooms are done up in wooden flooring.

The bedrooms follow the narrative of a modern minimalistic residence that is made with a consistent expression throughout. The primary bedroom or the master bedroom displays a peculiar subtleness and exudes a warm tranquil vibe. It has a life-sized portrait of the couple which is a window panel. The master bedroom has a terrace attached to it which is beautifully decorated with plantations & adept with outdoor wicker furniture for seating purposes. The elder son’s bedroom is a marvel in white that defines his persona aptly. The bed back is done up in white leather cladding diffused with lights. The decor of the room is predominantly white which complements his peaceful nature. However, the younger son’s bedroom is a total contradiction. A play of colors and amalgamation of contrasts mark the wonderful charm of the bedroom. An interesting feature of his room is that the immovable furniture is more on the lines of a mature color palette & material. The colorful furniture can be changed and replaced as per requirement when he grows up. The room also has a wardrobe made of the whiteboard on one panel and can also be used for storage purposes. In addition to this, the residence has a family TV room that is used to relax. It has a unique statement piece of furniture in the form of a grey quirky armchair and an L-shaped sofa. The prayer room forms a part of the central area of the residence comprising of a utility cabinet, used for various purposes.

This residence by Salankar Pashine & Associates has been designed keeping in mind all the sensitivities of their family and is a perfect example of an elegant and luxurious housing with modern amenities and a well-contemplated space curation that allows the inhabitants to use all areas of the home.

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