Come Christmas and celebrations knocking at your door, refresh and reset the spirits at home with the Santorini collection of lighting from Orange Tree. An embodiment of the Meddeteranian warmth and romance, the stellar Santorini lighting range blends artistry with functionality in eye-catching pieces that light up interiors with a dramatic effect ranging from subtle to sensational.

Orange Tree, defined by its inspiring design aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship is known for its minimalistic and conscious creations. The Jodhpur based iconic brand is an extension of the 22-year old design and export house Basant, which has been creating contemporary furniture, lightings, wall decor, that are a perfect culmination of modern and contemporary keeping sustainability as the primary concern.

Hallmarks of the collection include cool and refreshing, earthy, natural materials like ceramics, cane, wood, iron, and glass. Inspired by the simplicity, boldness, and functionality of the southern European coasts the Santori collection features three ranges – The Calathus Collection with its geometric accents and abstract artwork on a black base, enhanced with white patina are timeless pieces that can elevate any ambience. 

Calling to your mind the Mediterranian sun-drenched land and the sparkling sea is the Eros collection. The soothing combination of off-white and grey along with terrazzo for the rustic feel evokes calm and peace. Showcasing traditional Indian art form of the glass mosaic craft in enduring black and white is the Hades collection. Contrasting monochromatic glass pieces create synergy in a chequered design that is ornate and trendy.

Balancing nature with art is the Canna line, a blend of old and new, natural wicker framing modern symmetries of black iron frames. Driven by modernism and crafted sustainably, exhibiting the perfect finish and texture.

“ Along with seasons greetings and wishes we bring forth our Santori collection inspired by the Mediterranian vibes. Each piece, meticulously crafted from the finest materials, with crisp lines and lean organic curves, our new range is chic and unique in style,” says Gaurav Jain, Founder of Orange Tree.

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