ThinkCutieful is the brainchild of interior expert and space designer Romilla Tewari, who launched a children’s decor company in2009. Ever since ThinkCutieful has taken the lead in customizing interiors for kids to support holistic growth. Her experience in education and paediatric design has played a key role in enhancing spaces from pre-schools to residences. With the ongoing pandemic and countless lockdowns, there is a need–now more than ever– to be able to provide an environment that fosters a healthy upbringing.

Adding to Romilla’s fabulous portfolio is this neutral, minimal yet warm, colourful and yet pleasing to the eye baby nursery created for Akash and Surkhi, who were very clear about what they wanted for their bundle of joy. The mood board for this jungle safari nursery was not very loud. Muted tones, lending a warm and fuzzy feeling, filled with animals and natural-looking hand-painted palms for the wallpaper create a serene sanctuary. With that broad outline to work with, Ms. Tewari used a palette filled with greys, beiges, whites and creams. 

The room to be converted was an existing lounge connected to the parents’ room. While the shape and size of the room may not have been ideal, she used her creative vision to transform the room into more than what the to-be parents expected it to be. Keeping the basic requirements of a cot, a day bed and a feeding chair for the mother in mind, a functional six by six pull out bed was brought in which could be used as a daybed if someone needed to sleep with the baby or simply a space to lounge around in during the daytime. There was enough storage in terms of existing wardrobes in the closet but extra storage was needed to store the essentials for the baby like diaper changes, books and toy storage.

Keeping the room’s dimensions in mind, smart space-saving storage pieces within the existing furniture pieces are the ideal response to a parent’s desire for functionality without compromising on the aesthetic. A design with storage compartments was created like a chest of drawers, around the bed so that everything is on one side and there’s still enough space as the baby starts to sit and starts crawling. In terms of the colours and mood the wooden flooring, the day bed, the chest of drawers, the blinds, the wallpaper, the chair and the accessories were added keeping with the theme of a jungle safari. A lovely amalgamation of elephants and giraffes and all that animal cuteness and textures came together to welcome Akash and Surkhi’s baby.

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