Bespoke lighting specialist and contemporary home décor and designing solutions expert, Emery Studio brings to India, a sparkling range of vases from the collection – Matrice – by Saint Louis, Europe’s oldest and most revered crystal glass manufacturer. A fitting addition to the festive table top.

Some times, flashes of inspiration come from the most mundane objects. That is what happened with designer Kiki van Eijk, from the Eindhoven Academy, when she saw moulds and casts at Saint-Louis’ centuries-old warehouse. She literally wanted to shine a light on these tools from which all of Saint-Louis creations originate. And that’s how Matrice was born.
The designer fashioned the Matrice collection with the unique shape of a mould in mind. So, each of the object in the collection harks back to a mould, but is adorned with the exquisite hand-cut elements that are the signature style of the company in a stunning offer to the world of contemporary decoration.

The Matrice collection consists of five vases in varying sizes, including two
prestigious editions in colour. Make your festivities full of glitter and glamour.

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