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India has been globally renowned for its incredibly talented artisans and craftsmen who specialize in creating enchanting handcrafted, exquisite and contemporary pieces of home décor. When it comes to creating awe-inspiring homes, wall décor plays a crucial role. In modern times, the trends are increasingly in favor of going vertical instead of horizontal. Hence, whichever trend you look at, the most attention-grabbing décor pieces are usually the wall mounts. Keeping this in mind, there is now an unprecedented focus on ‘Made in India’ wall décor items. There are vast collections of metal wall art, wall hangings, wall shelves and other pieces that integrates elements like colours, materials and bohemia to create eclectic offerings. Here are some of the best wall décor offerings available in the market today.

  • Gold wrought iron and MDF entryway wall shelf: Golden tones have been an integral part of Indian décor. Vibrant, shiny and opulent, gold is the colour for the rich and the classy. Since, the first impression is always the best one, this fabulous design comprising of 8 asymmetric shelves nestled inside a slender, round frame with a lipped edge is a great option for your entryway wall. With their diverse shapes and sizes, these shells are the perfect place to showcase your books, framed photos, small sculptures, figurines and curios. Installation becomes a breeze with easy keyhole hangers that come with the shelf.
  • Multicolour Damini Peacock Metal Wall Art (Light): Peacock is not only the national bird of India, but, a key element of interior décor trends. This is a beautiful metal wall art piece depicting the iconic bird in multiple colours. This will surely make your walls become the center of attraction.
  • Brown Venya Family Metal Wall Art: For those who love the great Indian outdoors and wildlife, this is a captivating metal art piece that will integrate your living room with the natural world seamlessly. This royal finish artwork is bound to stir the adventurer in you. 
  • Multicolour Metal Fortune Tree Wall Art: Integration of plant and floral motifs and items has become a key trend in the home decoration arena today. This Metallic Fortune Tree Wall Art features a beautiful metal tree motif which is strong and durable as well as totally rust-resistant. Make any wall come to life with its long-lasting shine that will attract eyeballs for many years to come.
  • Multicolour Metal David Bike Wall Art: Do you love the thumping sound of a powerful bike and the breeze on your face as you negotiate the mountain curves on your superbike? If yes then this superb metal bike artefact is the perfect companion for your wall. You can make a style statement through this or gift it to someone whose heart throbs for bikes!
  • Brown Iron Vintage Jeep Car Wall Art: Take your visitors on an impressive ride to show your home décor with this vintage style car wall décor. It is made of flat bar metal which is bent and welded by hand. Your home, office, restaurant or hotel, wherever you put this light-weight piece of art, it will always grab maximum attention.
  • Blue Round Metal World Map Wall Art: Bring the whole world to your doorstep with this handcrafted wall arts piece. Show your visitors that the world belongs to you. If you are a travel lover then this will always inspire you to complete your global footprint!
  • Multicolour Peace Buddha Tree Metal Wall Art (Light): Fancy taking your home décor to an exalted level? Add this fantastic wall hanging Metal Wall Art featuring Buddha and the tree of peace. This exquisite piece with its colour, intricate detailing and serene vibes will add grandeur and peace to your living spaces!

Mentioned above are just some of the most captivating and stylish hand-crafted metal wall décor items that you can use to transform your home interiors. Make the best style statement by bringing home one of these pieces

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