Nivasa Classic brings to you timeless pieces of furniture that push the boundaries of art and engineering, all while being the epitome of comfort. With our new collection, we aim to blur the lines between art, object, and functionality.

Embarking a journey into a parallel reality with the new collection— Le Reformage  that shall spark the imagination with novel furniture pieces that push the boundaries of design, materials and technique.

“With our new collection, we aim to blur the lines between art, object, and functionality. We strive to integrate innovations into our products in today’s technological world. We create thought provoking furniture inspired by tradition, refined to meet the needs of the present. We have explored materials ranging from onyx and wood to hand knotted art in leather and brass. ” mentions Saba Kapoor, Founder of Nivasa.

Pierce of Eternity

The pieces in this collection reflect an urban aesthetic and are influenced by the rich eternal heritage of the past. While celebrating the past, the focus is also to continue to introduce pieces that are futuristic and highly imaginative in design.

Therefore, the collection is a seamless blend of the past and the future, traditions and technology, the unconventional and the elegant. They add life and joy to spaces they inhabit and walk the person interacting with them through their story.

The exceptional products from this collection are not merely pieces of furniture, they are a visual representation of your lives and are meant to make you feel a plethora of emotions. The pieces also depict our trademark attention to detail and are embedded in indigenous craft and materiality, evoking an iconic memory. Transcend into our new design narrative, and take back an immersive experience of a lifetime!

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