With winter undeniably here, these sustainably made Kantha quilts from the women of Rajasthan are perfect to snuggle up and cherish the season’s bliss 

Indian heritage, textiles, and motifs are the sources of inspiration behind this earthy and beautiful collection of quilts from House of Ekam. Relying on indigenous craft and materiality, the different quilts combine the use of vibrant and subtle hues with fine craftsmanship and timeless design techniques to evoke memories specific to those cold winter afternoons, where soaking in the sunshine and sipping on kulhad chai is the ultimate comfort. Superior quality of materials adds a pristine allure to this collection that is woven and hand-stitched with love, tenderness and precise detailing by craftswomen of Rajasthan. 

“Our purpose is to save and promote Indian art forms and craft techniques. With our design inspiration rooted in nature and our rich and diverse history, we exclusively work with artisans to develop hand-made products sourced directly from the remote areas.” – says Tanvi Agarwal, Founder and Creative Head of House of Ekam.

An age-old craft that originated in West Bengal, Kantha is essentially a woman’s art. Traversing the landscape of different regions over the years with complex patterns done in the Sindh region like the Sami quilts to more contemporary forms like the running stitch, used in all of the brand’s quilts, the craft has come a long and arduous way. 

The collection features quilts in nuanced and subtle grey tones, lavender and orange ombre shades with an indigo patchwork and shibori dohar incorporating various distinct design elements and stitching patterns. From pic stitch (straight running stitch) to making complex animal motifs, everything is done diligently by women of Rajasthan working from the comfort of their homes. Every quilt takes 3-4 days to be stitched on average. 

Conceived on the softest cotton, the Kantha quilts are made by block printing or dyeing the desired pattern on the material, then sandwiching surgical cotton between the two layers of cloth. The craftswomen then use the back of their needles to mark the entire quilt and stitch the entire pattern and design of the Kantha as per those markings. Tie-dye patterns, solid colours and floral designs are staples of the brand’s signature flair making this collection simple, beautiful and worthy of every bedroom décor.

Bring in the warm vibes of autumn and create a cosy setting in your intimate spaces with the orange or grey Kantha quilt or create a homely abode reminiscent of old times with the indigo shibori quilt. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of winter.

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