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The new collections include a well-orchestrated mix of innovative modern options and timeless design classics with pieces that are curated to enhance living spaces and evoke warmth and emotion. Our designers worked on the beautiful creatures around us, took them as an inspiration for their designs, to create extremely beautiful yet very modern designs.

BIRDS OF PARADISE: Birds of Paradise imbibes colors from the Pantone color trends for SS20 mint, muted emerald green and coral.  This collection’s aesthetics bring down the luxurious flora & fauna of the deep rainforests to your doorstep.

This collection brings your decor game up to date with the new age trends, and celebrates the bounty, that mother nature continues to bestow upon us, in an artistic tone. The mystical palette entwined with iconic flutters, exuberant foliage and lustrous textures intend to add a charm to any home’s aura. Birds of Paradise ideates to transcend you to the deep green jungle and leave a sense of mystical luxury behind to the end user, the lingering smells of moss and delight of being in the serene.

GALLANT MAXIMUS: Tales of Greek mythologies, retold through trendy tell-tale textiles. The versatile palettes of Greek shorelines, myriad of blue hues, accented with gunmetal chunks and chromatic sunset yellows makes this story enter unchartered territories of masculine decor.

 This trend offers styling options that are more androgynous than being gender biased when it comes to the art of decoration. The elite icons of cavalry, seamless knotted Celtic patterns, monumental scriptures and sculptures are the crux of inspiration for this story. Gallant Maximus celebrates the mysteries of mythologies to bring elements of substance to your homes, and we swear by the design Gods to never let you down.

ALTERED RHAPSODY: The priority behind this range is to focus on healing and what transcendental connect with nature is. Right from the color palette to ideas and the illustrative approach, it helps us heal and spiritually evolve. This range of home textiles, is all about craftism, uplifting the artisans and their craft and presenting meaningful interiors with iconography of substance.

Altered state of being, meditative settings and therapeutic decor whilst giving the space a new age dimension is the crux of design thinking for this bold look, using minimal materials. Believers, anthropologists and safe keepers of art and culture are sure to drop a jaw ,and will abide by the positive flux that this range is going to ensure.

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