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Pramod Group is renowned for adding value, beauty and comfort to everyday life with their thoughtful, yet luxurious interiors. As Interior
Architects, they are in complete control of the built environment till the very last finishing touch is added and the space is handed over to the client.

Pramod Group was founded in 1984 by the visionary late Pramod Kumar Gupta with a single-minded focus on offering their patrons world class quality homes with refined aesthetics and modern amenities that are also environmentally sustainable, long before it became fashionable.

For the past 20 years, the group has been scaling new heights under the creative vision and leadership of CMD Vivek Gupta and his wife and Director, Ritu Gupta.

A collection of elegant bedrooms they have unveiled showcases a unique ethos of the firm. Just a glance into these bedrooms is enough to relax you and put you at ease. As your personal sanctuary, the bedroom interiors are first of all designed to soothe your nerves and begin the rejuvenating and recharging process.

From the delightful and warm colour palettes to the sumptuously furnished beds with comfortable headboards, to the thoughtfully designed nightstands, study desk and wardrobes, every element has been given careful consideration. Meticulously planned ambient lighting plays up the subtle textural and tonal variations, while also offering a range of moods. Interesting artworks and curios further add excitement to the space. Because a bedroom is not just about a goodnight sleep, but also about loving and enjoying your personal space, and be inspired by it.

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