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Espravo,art,art collection,interior design,home decor

Kochi-based Art Collective Espravo unveils a collection of captivating abstract wall art for art aficionados.

Espravo,art,art collection,interior design,home decor

After launching their e-store for the global art lovers, the coveted art gallery of Kochi — Espravo has launched a captivating collection of abstract art prints that will usher new dimensions into your space and add a touch of intriguing yet sophisticated appeal. This fresh ensemble includes artwork that uses the visual language of shape, form, and colour. Bespoke and perfect for a transformational impact on any ambience that can elevate your spirits, open your imagination or stir your emotions.

With an eye on global design credo, the experiential art gallery has curated this thought-provoking range of abstract artworks. A new study reveals that abstract art has qualities that help us put aside the minutiae of our daily life and hence the joy of getting lost in it. The collection features a symphony of hues and shades with tints and tones in modern, geometric, black and white abstracts and more. 

Art for all aesthetic sensibilities and pockets, being at the core of Espravo’s ideologies, it is easy to find artwork in this ensemble that matches your vibe, style and persona. The collection can be at your fingertips on Espravo’s seamless and easy-to-navigate e-store, to visualise, synergise and uncover its mysteries. To complement the prints and your decor, a myriad of meticulously crafted, premium quality frames, can be visualized instantaneously on their unique Frame Builder tool. 

“With this latest collection of abstract artwork, we further our vision of art for all spaces, styles and individualities. Focussing on our quality-first approach we strive to provide affordable and customizable luxury in the art that enlivens blank walls and reinvigorates any ambience” says Jacob John, Business Manager, Espravo. 

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