New Delhi-based firm 42mm Architecture has unveiled
imposing residential facades that make a magnificent impact with their grand and
exclusive architectural features.

A multi-disciplinary practice established in 2005, 42mm has since been specializing
in Architecture, Interiors and Urban Design. With a keen desire to depart from
conventional models, a team of 25-plus architects and designers strives constantly to
create projects that stand out. Its distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology is evident in each project. The firm is constantly into research,
development and implementation of innovative and efficient design strategies. At the
same time, the firm maintains a strong commitment to create design solutions that are
individually tailored to suit the specific criteria for each project.

Project 1: Neatly stacked up geometrical volumes and large glass panes that
allow the interiors to interact freely with their green exteriors are the highlight
of the exteriors of this home. It’s a picture of sleekness and sophistication.

Project 2: Pillars and arched doorways and windows give these contemporary
structures a traditional allure. The metal grille doors and railings, with their
intricate design, and the moldings further add a decorative look to the façades.

The façade of a building says a lot about its interiors and the homeowners. These
building facades uncovered by 42mm Architecture extol two different styles. One
is a splendid example of a contemporary classic style, while the other showcases
modern sophistication using straight lines and large glass panes.

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