B&B Italia, world leader in contemporary furnishing sector, has launched a new furniture collection, Noonu, which enhances spaces with its large proportions, graceful geometric shapes and impressive flexibility. It is available at Scala Home, a destination for exclusive furniture in New Delhi.

The name of this collection designed by Antonio Citterio is inspired by the Noonu atoll in the Maldives. The Noonu collection is a system of upholstered furniture pieces where large sizes meet impressive flexibility.

The supporting structure disappears from view, creating “islands” which appear to almost float, suspended in mid-air. The seats are deep, with a single, large seat cushion that guarantees extreme comfort and relaxation, while also characterising the overall aesthetic. The tilted back is designed to accommodate cushions that can be distributed however you wish. The
support element – a roller cushion bound by sophisticated webbing to a die-cast aluminium frame, which sits beneath the seat cushion – can be used as a terminal armrest element or as a headrest, or placed between the seats, or removed entirely.

Antonio Citterio’s former collection, Atoll, and the current one, Noonu stemmed from a single idea, namely a cylinder that could be used as an armrest and cushions distributed freely over the sofa. “What’s new in Noonu is the apparently suspended seating, which extends all the way to the floor, and the new types of elements that we have defined as “piano” and “sail” elements, lending a certain identity and richness to the design,” the designer says.

Noonu is comprised of four basic elements, namely a square and a rectangle, in addition to the brand-new “piano” and “sail” elements. The piano-shaped base creates a welcoming curve in the backrest, whilst the sail provides a generous, rounded volume at the front.

Noonu sports bold, yet extremely homely tones, designed especially to suit
combinations between the various elements of each individual composition (frame, cushions, rollers), thus allowing for a custom solution of an unrivalled elegance. In addition to this fabric, Noonu will also be available in leather. The elements of Noonu can also stand on their own as individual objects, or be combined to create personalised compositions.

According to Antonio Citterio, “Noonu is a fully-fledged domestic island.”

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