New Delhi-based firm 42mm Architecture unveils the chic rustic interiors of a city home that is sure to resonate deeply with people who, in a post-Covid world, are leaning towards a more natural look.

As some of us embrace the “Back to Nature” philosophy for a sense of harmony and calmness during these unprecedented times, this house designed with a raw and rustic palette, without a rigid layout, strikes an instant chord. There is beauty, charm and creative freedom in the way the space is defined, with room to alter it in the future.

The flexible layout allows the client to interpret the space in their own way, and also offers a sense of dynamism that accommodates the changing needs of the user with time. It is a canvas that is complete in its totality, yet provides enough option to the end-user to add their own flavour.

Rustic spaces by nature are made up of myriad contrasting textures and finishes, hence natural light is important to balance the visual weight imparted by these elements. The large windows allow the designers to capture the distress and quaint feel of a lived-in home.

The colour palette is muted, with the natural and neutral hues mostly in contradiction with each other. No saturated shades around. The décor is a composition of materials in their natural form – wooden paneling and ceiling, industrial style lights, natural flooring, etc. It is a representation of the old and new materials running parallel to each other, yet in coherence.

Accessories give the space its soul – handcrafted, rustic, distressed finished metal articles that resonate with the user, and add character to the space. Care is taken to capture the experiences, aspirations and interactions of the users. Since the materials are in their natural form, they are much easier to maintain and are less expensive than regular glossy and finished homes. The ageing and weathering of the natural materials compliment the house, adding to its story.

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