Magnificent spaces command even more magnificent entrance foyers and lobbies to give a hint of what to expect inside. These foyers and lobbies designed by New-Delhi-based architect Aparna Kaushik offer the most
stunning first impressions with their awe-inspiring and imposing features.

“Clarity of purpose and simplicity are the essence of design. I design to accentuate the natural qualities of a space, amplifying its particular beauty through seamless functionality and unique form.” comments the architect.

New Delhi-based Architect Aparna Kaushik is the Founding Principal and Design Director of an eponymous, design-and-build firm that works across architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design and landscaping. Her design ethos is built on a studied balance of art and architectural history that fuses classical composition with contemporary flair and pragmatic precision to integrate the client’s most explicit requirements and subtle preferences. Her creations, spanning expansive luxury estates to stylishly intimate boutiques, commercial establishments to retail outlets, spas to pubs and restaurants… are an example of perfect functionality and striking aesthetics.

While these foyers and lobbies sport the finest materials and luxurious finishes, what sets them apart is the manner in which they are employed to create unexpected beauty and spectacle. Some spaces use classic features, while the others are contemporary masterpieces.

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