German company Walter Knoll is a world leader in furniture with over 150 years of glorious history. They have launched a new set of living room sofa, Muud and armchair, Relaxchair, brought to India by Plüsch, pioneers in bringing the finest German luxury brands to the country.

With its maxim of “less is more” and “cultivating old virtues with new technology”, Walter Knoll is considered the masters of modernity. And with their commitment to sustainability and environmental compatibility, they have been certified as a climate-neutral manufacturer for years. Their latest offerings are an example of all that the brand stands for.   

Muud Sofa: Designed by EOOS, the Austrian designers Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl, Muud is a result of rethinking all the elements that make up a sofa. It is lightweight, soft, airy and perfectly comfy. The Muud sofa is designed to suit all urban, and even smaller-scale, floor plans.

The reduction of materials leads to a cozy and straightforward piece of furniture that is extremely multi-purpose. Use it for welcoming friends, reading, napping, or simply snuggling up with your loved ones. The récamière can be swiveled freely over the floor. With the new Dream Cushion, a down-filled cushion, the corner of the sofa can be given soft and stable padding.

Relax Chair

Designed by the Walter Knoll Team, it is elegant, inviting and ergonomic. With its perfect proportions, it can be an eye-catching accent chair, or a confident piece of furniture in an ensemble set-up. It is the kind of chair that makes you feel privileged to be sitting on it either for reading, musing or interacting with your family and friends.

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