The Swarovski brand is well known for its cutting-edge design language that combines crystal and light to produce imaginative light forms,
transforming architectural spaces into iconic landmarks of sparkling wonder. New Delhi-based Sacmeh International unveils in India, Milano—an awe-inspiring light from Swarovski Lighting.

The baroque castings of Milano, made in Italy, feature delicate ornamentations that celebrate the heritage of the great Italian chandeliers of the seventeenth century.

Heavy crystals enhance the lace-like precious metal body of this magnificent lighting fixture. Milano is a tribute to the country that enlightened the world with the gifts of Michelangelo and Da Vinci. The ornate body of Milano is composed entirely of Italian castings. Filigree openwork gives these baroque castings a unique lace-like quality. This one-of-kind light sets the mood and enhances the atmosphere of any space. It brings a luxurious touch and instantly adds a unique character to the room.
Milano features Golden Shadow Crystal, Spectra Crystal, Optic Crystals and other crystals from Swarovski that impart a spectacular effect. The light comes in a range of metallic finishes such as Heirloom Gold, Etruscan Gold, French Gold, Parchment Gold, Antique Silver, Heirloom Bronze and Midnight Gild among others. Milano is available as a pendant light, chandelier, ceiling light and wall light. In whichever form you use it, the exquisite light captivates you like a striking artwork!

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