Momenti, the Italian Custom Design company offers tailor-made
designs for the entire living environment from floor to wall coverings, furniture to accessories and artworks, that are brought to India by Ottimo.

Momenti’s latest collection of wall coverings celebrates the animal world through a multitude of vibrant and stylish interpretations. Whatever may be your spirit animal, one glance at Momenti’s Animal Collection, and you will embrace it instantly. The wall coverings are a fantastic exploration of the animal theme by our artists. Realistic, dreamlike and abstract visions that materialize in singular, or a riot of unexpected graphics.  

The Animal Collection transports you to a fantasyland. From exotic birds to prowling tigers to dragonflies and butterflies, the astonishing expositions make for exclusive wall coverings. Suffused with a delightful splash of bright hues, they transform your home into a happy place. Ideal for creating an effervescent mood, ahead of the festivals.

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