Keerthi Tummala has been focused on innovative and sustainable interiors since she started her brand Sage Living in 2018 in Hyderabad. Using environmentally conscious materials and transforming them into relevant and contemporary pieces, her designs stand out simultaneously as a classic and a modern fixture. The brand specializes in furniture, lighting and mirrors that through material or form bear testimony to the allure and timeless simplicity of everyday products. 

Each design at Sage Living tells a story of passion and research. Aimed at providing a touch of sophisticated glamour, a vibrant selection of contemporary mirrors in myriad collections reflect the brand’s characteristic play with subtle metallics paired with modern aesthetics. 

All executed to perfection in angular forms and precise geometry, mirrors by Sage Living are incredibly distinctive that can provide a flattering view of the room from every angle. The Arc Large Living Room Mirror is a versatile decorative solution to provide a sense of balance to a neutral room. However, the handmade Echelle Mirror in antique brass and antique silver serves as a rustic accent piece with an inviting touch. The perfect companion for a dramatic room is the Concentric Convex Mirror in a golden hue. On the other hand, the beautiful African Bead mirror, in black and natural, creates a focal point and functions as a piece of art in the overall scheme of décor. 

The style of these pieces combines modern movement with clean contemporary lines. Striations on the surface give the brass cladding on these decorative wall mirrors a textural feel. Each piece is hand-polished, hand-hammered and hand-etched from sheets of brass.

Sage Living celebrates the love for design, details, and dialogue between different materials.The craftsmanship required to create such contemporary aesthetics with brass highlights the skills of our metal artisans. We want to deliver not only a design with global aesthetic but also quality that matches global standards,” says Keethi Tummala, Founder and Creative Head, Sage Living. 

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