Ottimo brings to India the minimalist, L7 Plus sliding glass doors by Lualdi, the legendary Italian brand for interior doors. An unparalleled combination of creativity and engineering, the doors, panels, sliding and pivoting doors offered by Lualdi epitomise the quintessential Italian design, craftsmanship and sophistication. 

The L7 Plus sliding system is a more evolved version of the L7 system. Engineered to a graphic perfection, the L7 Plus elevates the environment with its symmetrical use of aluminum strips. The door comprises an aluminum frame of 41-mm thickness and 6-mm tempered glass. The railing comes with shock absorber and a sliding trolley with height adjustment mechanism. The sleek handle compliments the minimal design of the door. You have the option of sliding and fixed panels. The doors are available in multiple glass options ranging standard glasses, reflective glasses and mesh glass. The frames too can be customized in different finishes to match the glass finish.

Behind the breathtaking simplicity, elegance and functionality of L7 Plus lies the smart employment of the latest technology and innovation. The highest standard of materials and finishes is harnessed to complement the aesthetic appeal of Lualdi doors. Their latest launch in India, L7 Plus Sliding Door System, is no exception to this.

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