GharGhar is a home décor company known for sustainable, artisanal contemporary rugs, cushions and other accessories that are inspired by art, culture and heritage. They have unveiled a festive collection of luxury
carpets that are meticulously hand-knotted by traditional weavers.

A carpet is an important element of home décor that sets the right kind of mood for the interiors. Bring a joyful celebratory spirit with GharGhar’s latest collection of hand-knotted carpets that abound in luxuriant colours, luscious textures and a rich, classical-inspired imagery. The red and gold hues, coupled with the unique designs, introduce a graceful vibe into your home.

Hand-knotting is an age-old technique where the artisans use the expertise passed down by their ancestors to create lush carpets by painstakingly tying each knot with their hands. As a result, the carpet becomes a sacred piece of home décor that not only infuses your home with an ageless aesthetic, but also with the warmth of the hands of the craftsmen.

By expertly mixing traditional motifs and hues in a contemporary style, GharGhar elevates the carpets to one-of-a-kind pieces of decor ready to embellish any modern home. Made of wool and jute, they also help you celebrate in a sustainable manner.

GharGhar can also custom-make the carpets in the sizes and colours of the clients’ choice.

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