Just like every home has a story to tell, every art has its meaning, essence and inspiration. Art has the power to transform a plain canvas into a beautiful tale. Artemist, an art consulting company creates, curates and commissions art for apartments, offices, hospitality and more believes in bringing out the best considering all the factors like space, price, taste and requirement. Their motto ‘transforming spaces with art’ is a journey in itself. 

The Artemist with its exceptional sensibilities works closely with many artists and its various forms. Art has the power to enhance and compliment the interior spaces. It is through the choice of artwork that the personality of the client comes through, whether it is bold and abstract or detailed and traditional. Art also adds character to space and makes it your own. Currently, unique pieces of furniture, wallpapers and various treatments done by an interior designer are art in itself. Art and Interiors are interlinked in so many ways.

Elaborating further, art forms can be categorised distinctively including abstract, landscape, figurative, contemporary and Indian traditional art with mediums like oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media etc. Apart from paintings, there are also murals, sculptures, artefacts and digital art. The more you explore, the more forms and styles you get introduced to.

The significance of the space is defined by its form and art with its natural endurance highlights the magnificence. Let’s take the example of a cafe which also plays amazing music. The art in this café needs to communicate the vibe of a coffee shop, it can illustrate the process of how the coffee is sourced and roasted, can have a vibrant mural specific to the area where the café is located or have some music band-related poster art.

Whereas art for a bedroom will be more personal, it could be a couple’s portrait, or a memoir bought while travelling. Your personal space is somewhere you return to every day, so it needs to be in sync with your persona and something you wouldn’t get bored of too soon.

Speaking on the same, Ravina Drolia, Creative Head, mentions, “Sometimes our client is sure of a painting by their favourite artist they want to buy for their homes and they design the space keeping the painting in mind. While, it could be working backwards where we advise clients art basis the theme of their space. To sum it up, there is no rule of thumb in art consulting, we like to go with the flow, keeping our client’s preferences in mind.

We work with a plethora of artists from across the globe. Starting with local artists of Bengal and Indian folk artisans to contemporary artists from Europe, we promote all types of art depending on the vocabulary of each project we are working on. We have worked with many emerging artists whose works got attention and appreciation through our projects and communication, generating more work for the artist.”

Artemist caters to residential, commercial including offices, restaurants, educational institutes and public spaces before making a sale. Their close relationship with architects, interior designers, corporates and private clients help them understand their needs, commissioning and installing art for them. 

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