Lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry has made an impressive mark
in a short span of time with its impeccably handcrafted products. Celebrating simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs, Ellementry offers a refined way to living. A new collection of aroma candles launched by them fills your home with a positive and an uplifting mood.

A new year comes with new promises and hopes, and this time around, there is an ardent anticipation for a healing balm and serenity. What better way than to light up your home with the gentle light from beautiful candles for a soothing vibe.

Ellementry’s new candles in elegant terracotta and glass bowls come with natural soy scented wax made with vegetable- based ingredients, and it is biodegradable and non-toxic. Soy burns at a cooler temperature
resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting candle. Apart from looking great, they are big enough not to burn up in one sitting. While some candles have a single wick, the rest feature four wicks.

The charming candles are available in aromas such as mahogany, mint eucalyptus, rose patchouli, vanilla, lavender and citronella. As with all Ellementry products, they are thoughtfully packed in reusable engineered wooden boxes, making for attractive gifts. While the aroma wafting from them fills the home with a delightful air, the candles prompt the recipient to relax and refocus to set new goals for a fresh start.

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