The Perfect Blend Of A Modern-Classic Home

‘Adarsh Palm Retreat’ is a contemporary four-bedroom haven that emanates from The KariGhars, spearheaded by Founder Abhishek Chadha and his team. Influenced by a deep cultural affinity, the client, an artist herself, conceptualized a residence that integrates classical Indian motifs within every area, culminating in a dynamic living gallery brimming with personal expressions. In an era where cultural integration holds paramount importance, this project exemplifies the symphony of heritage and modernity. It resonates as a fusion of how embracing tradition can coalesce flawlessly with present-day design, offering inhabitants not just a dwelling, but a rich sensorial experience.

The central idea is to craft a space that combines style and comfort while fostering a functional and inviting atmosphere through a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings.

Within this context, the living room integrates a captivating ensemble! A Chesterfield couch emanates timeless charm, harmoniously paired with contemporary armchairs that add a sleek touch. The wooden coffee table radiates natural warmth, its delicate surface patterns adding layers of depth that captivate with their artistic allure. Soft, diffused lighting envelops the space in an aura of serenity, perfectly complementing the light gray walls and sheer curtains that gently sift in natural light. The room comes alive with the understated elegance of the table’s intricate designs, creating a focal point where calm and artistry coalesce.

As one moves forward, they encounter an informal seating area linked to the kitchen, that provides a platform for relishing the culinary artistry and fosters a symbiotic blend of social dynamics within the household. 

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The first of the four rooms in the house welcomes you – a modern bedroom with a delightful touch of minimalism. The walls are adorned in a gentle shade of light green, casting a serene and soothing ambiance that immediately puts the mind at ease. As you step onto the wooden floor, a sense of warmth and connection to nature envelops you. The bed, crafted from the same wood, boasts a simple, elegant design that exudes understated sophistication. Thoughtfully incorporated jute accents add an earthy, organic touch that blends seamlessly with the room’s serene and spacious atmosphere.

Moving on to the kids’ room, a charming dressing area finds its place in a corner, showcasing a mirror and a cupboard embellished with world map designs on doors and drawers. Beyond enhancing the adventurous theme, the map nurtures the child’s exploration of various countries and cultures, turning learning into a captivating journey.

In this vibrant kids’ room, creativity takes center stage against a pristine white canvas. LEGO-inspired furniture sparks imaginative play, complemented by a colorful array of LEGO piece furnishings that enhance the playful charm of the space. A heartwarming collage on one wall preserves cherished moments, while an inviting chalkboard beckons artistic expression. The light wood bed provides a cozy haven for dreams, adorned with cartoon bedsheets that emanate whimsy. A table hosts an assortment of small cartoon figurines, poised for future adventures. This space is thoughtfully designed to nurture imagination and inspire boundless joy.

Stepping into the adjoining area, one uncovers the study room, a paragon of modern functional design. The walls, adorned in a meld of grey and brown, cocoon the space in a tranquil aura. The wooden desk embodies elegant simplicity, presenting an uncluttered and spacious workspace. Complemented by blinds, the window controls the influx of natural light and warmth. Adjacent to the desk, a well-appointed shelf accommodates an extensive collection of books, accessories, and decor pieces. The chair, a blend of artful comfort and support, beckons hours of dedicated study. Embracing minimalism, this room fosters an environment that seamlessly channels purpose and enhances productivity.

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The last room, once a bedroom, is repurposed as a lounging space where residents can unwind in comfort. Adorned in beige, the walls set a tranquil tone while the upholstered and wooden furniture effortlessly coexist. A generous couch invites relaxation, accompanied by a subtly complementary functional wooden coffee table and thoughtfully placed accent chairs that enhance social seating. At the heart of the room’s allure stands a grand flat-screen TV, poised for movie nights, gaming escapades, and streaming indulgences. Personal flair resonates in the decor—an alcove for divine worship, artworks, cherished photos, and verdant plants that invigorate and purify the air. Each piece of artwork and photograph reflects the unique interests and spirit of the inhabitants. 

In a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements, this metamorphosed bedroom now flourishes as an oasis of elegance and comfort. The temple ingeniously integrated into a wardrobe showcases intelligent space utilization, adding a unique touch. With a keen eye for functionality and allure, this room captivates as much as it welcomes, crafting a space that resonates visually and experientially.

This dwelling transcends the mere notion of living space and evolves into an immersive odyssey that transports inhabitants into the heart of an artistic tapestry. Here, the interplay of aesthetics and intellect is deftly woven, resulting in an architectural marvel that blurs the boundaries between function and artistry. Each room, a carefully curated chapter, coalesces to form a symphony of design that resonates with the inhabitant’s aspirations and sensibilities. This home isn’t mere rooms, it’s a tale woven in every line, hue, and texture—an unfolding journey that invites exploration, reflection, and solace in this space of beauty and purpose.

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Name of the project: Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore

Design Team: Abhishek Chadha 

Area (Sq.ft): 3400 sqr feet

Start / Completion date: Jan 2023 – June 2023

Budget: Confidential

Photo courtesy: Dark Studio

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