Sarita Handa launches a capsule collection for Valentine’s Day

There may be endless gifting solutions for Valentine’s Day — from poetic floral arrangements to vintage jewellery — but sometimes the perfect gift isn’t the traditional one. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, then it is that the home is where our heart is, quite literally. In Sarita Handa’s atelier, love finds a special meaning in finely crafted home décor items, extravagant quality and indulgent attention to detail. Here is a journey that started in 1992 and continues to blend design innovation with Indian heritage and craft.

This Valentine’s Day, Sarita Handa’s contemporary accents take on a renewed form as a celebration of love and gratitude. Breathing new life into the home aesthetics, Sarita Handa launches a series of beautifully designed luxe cushions and plush quilts as part of their Valentine’s capsule collection. Signature Sarita Handa embroidery on the cushions in soothing neutrals and soft patterns create arresting visuals but calm the overall mood of the room. With a balance of classic style, uncompromising craftsmanship and fine threadwork, all emblematic of Sarita Handa’s approach to practical luxury, the cushions are perfect for a special romantic décor. But, at the same time, they will suffuse beautiful homes with an individualistic style that echoes their artistic ethos and stand the test of time.

The mood-invoking cushions are weaved with threads seeped in soft pinks, soothing reds, warm greys and elegant ivory. The floral patterns are a fresh reimagination of Sarita Handa’s iconic and effortless approach to home décor. The capsule collection is also characterized by rich velvet quilts, a stylish addition to a living room or a lounge area. Showcased in white and red with a striking graphic design, they are perfect for a winter evening. 

“Home styling should be effortless, whatever the occasion. So, for the Valentine’s theme, we have infused classic patterns and styles throughout the collection to create a look that works thematically but also across all design influences. All our fabrics have a very romanticized feel to them and are a great upholstery add-on for the occasion. The entire look can be supplemented with red candles for added vibrancy,” shares Suparna Handa, Managing Director, Sarita Handa.

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