Renovation Factory Presents Their Extension with Recast

Specialising in lighting, furniture, barware and home accents, the New Delhi-based brand Renovation Factory has mastered the art of Home Décor while keeping true to its ideals of combining functionality and luxury. The brand has now an extension – Recast – a one-of-a-kind structure division to reform a space with the force of metal.

With 60 years of experience in the home decor industry and experiencing the immaculate spaces through travels & conversations, reading the identities & idiosyncrasies of diverse industries and reimagining the collaborative genius, the Renovation Factory brings forth a new chapter. 

Introducing structures to recast portals of visual dynamism, Recast is born to disrupt the home decor industry with bespoke metal structures designed to frame a unique identity of your space via exceptional metal work, manufacturing solutions for architects, interior designers, and home-owners for their exclusive interior needs.

The new furniture collection Fuselage, Recast offers customization of structures through a variety of finishes & metal work. Inspired by the antiques of aircrafts moulds and the thrilling designs of piston machinery, the brand has now come up with an inspiration & personal passion moulded it into an aspiration to serve with confidence and craft a matrix of desirable metal work. 

Reliving the childhood passion of building airplane models, the founder’s admiration towards vintage aircrafts led him to the aspiration of constructing structures that imitates the inner intricacy of the airframes. While he enjoyed flying the miniature planes, building them gave him direction to materialize a story in interior spaces. Thus, Fuselage was invented – a confluence of the antique and the aspiration. 

Stunning and creative, Recast is designed to elevate any space with a modern understanding of the present-day context and is a perfect pairing of immense utility and unique charm.

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