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Germany-based luxury kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl needs no introduction. It was the first luxury kitchen brand to be introduced to India more than two decades ago by Plüsch in India. The latest innovation from Poggenpohl is the design called the +Venovo created by designers Sören Jungclaus and Mathias Knigge.

The furnishing of a kitchen is not just about fitting a space out with furniture and equipment. It is about creating structures that elevate the way we live, both functionally and emotionally. In much the same way a house opens and closes itself to the outside world, a Poggenpohl kitchen communicates with its involving ambience, bringing life into the space.

For more than 120 years, Poggenpohl has continued to ‘improve the kitchen’, transforming it from a humble backroom into a living space that’s at the heart of the home. Poggenpohl’s pioneering history includes many firsts, including white lacquer kitchen furniture, ergonomic work-top heights, and the development of the kitchen island.

 +VENOVO is a kitchen which would fit into any life. It blurs the line between the living room and kitchen and stands out purely due to its uniqueness. +VENOVO combines every kitchen function into one unit without dispensing with the familiar comfort of a Poggenpohl kitchen. This freestanding piece of furniture is in line with current trends such as urbanity and mobility; at the same time is highly-efficient. +VENOVO organises all functions with elegance and sophistication into one unit — from the worktop and the oven, to the fridge and the sink. This modular kitchen cuts a fine figure from any perspective, and in contrast to heavy, immovable kitchen islands, it radiates a distinctive lightness.

+VENOVO is available in standard colours, and is available with innumerable options and finishes. Additionally, wood is also an option. The framing metal supports at each end of this furniture is available in a choice of matte white, cerium grey or a chrome-plated version.

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