Plüsch Launches a Sophisticated Office Desk by Yomei

Yomei is a young German furniture brand known for its products that combine refined aesthetics, intelligent design, precise workmanship and high level of practical function. An innovative and sophisticated office desk – S 100 – by Yomei has been launched in India by Plüsch, pioneers in bringing the finest German luxury brands to the country.

With its sleek and elegant design and many functional advantages, the S 100
Desk finds itself among the most high quality furniture pieces. It comes with the innovative option of electrically adjusting the height for various ergonomic demands, making it a true masterpiece.

The S 100 Curved Desk Soft table top with or without height adjustment comes with the S 100 Storage unit that can be used as a room divider, or the S 100 Container. The storage unit has a structure in Pantex taupe and front design in micro-leather beige and its elements can be individually planned.

The lifting mechanism for height adjustment is integrated in the storage unit. The S100 Container is in Pantex black. Similarly, the S100 Desk Soft with or without height adjustment comes with the S 100 Storage unit or the Container.

With its versatile features, this office desk allows you to create a smart workstation anywhere you desire, perfectly catering to the current times.

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