Ochre at Home Launches Unique Sculptures

Kolkata-based Ochre at Home (OAH) is known for their bespoke furniture and accessories that showcase radical and forward-looking designs, yet are rooted in tradition. A latest collection of sculptures unveiled by them promises to add a unique character to your environment.  

Artworks and sculptures are an integral part of interior decoration to create an eye-catching visual or to add a detail. These sculptures designed for modern homes bring an element of fun and playfulness to your space. Some of the sculptures are inspired by famous vintage European sculptures, but are given a surprising contemporary flavour. 

Perfectly crafted using resin, clay, fibre glass, metal, polycarbonate, etc. these chic sculptures evoke a range of emotions. Though mostly conceived in black or white, they come with elements that add a sudden burst of colours. Place them strategically in your space and find the conversation picking up around them.  

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