Logam unveils a contemporary range of home décor accessories that strike a compelling balance between artistic creativity and innovation

Weaving individuality into homes while adding hints of uniqueness, Logam has made an impressive mark in a brief span of four years with its versatile accessories collection that is a creative blend of fine craftsmanship and innovation. The brand’s latest Christmas collection is a mix of functional accent pieces woven in a contemporary interpretation of traditional handicrafts, resulting in a staggering range of unique candle stands, intricate serve ware, and indoor planters that enhance the visual appeal of any space while keeping the aesthetic simple and elegant.

Inspired by a heritage of fine craftsmanship and innovation, Logam was launched in 2018 by Aashima Rajpal and Chitvan Agarwal. Since then, the homegrown brand has been decorating living spaces with a language that is distinct and unique. The Multi-functionality of metal fascinates the duo and that is why the name Logam, which means metal (in Malay). With metal as a primary material, the brand also uses materials like wood and glass to create a range of home accents that brighten up the mood of every living space. 

It was natural for Aashima, a student of interior architecture, to be drawn to artistry and embark on this fascinating journey. As traders of wood, her family was in the design industry; she grew up observing artisans intricately carving woods, producing admirable designs.  Building a solid foundation for Logam, Aashima, entrepreneur and creative director of the brand, collaborated with Chitvan, who pursued economics and management, and the duo uniquely balances creativity and business acumen.

Aashima’s design background heavily influences the precise forms behind each collection, while Chitvan, who comes with a breadth of experience as a Chartered finance analyst and an inclination towards home and home decor, oversees the company’s financial strategy by creating the right balance between the clients and objectives of the company.

Famed for its expertise in crafting exquisite décor collections, the Kanpur – based brand works with artisans to curate a wide range of handmade home accessories. Skilled artists play with metals providing various textures to them to add beauty and elegance to your space. 

The latest collection features elegant gold pillar candle holders in different sizes with sleek broad pedestals to add opulence to any table setting or console in your entryway. Cinq Candles made with hammered high/low texture metal are perfect to brighten up your space.

“We are focusing on all handmade products, and designing things and curating things in a way that we can use in most houses and be a part of anyone’s story,” says Aashima Rajpal, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Logam. 

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