InsidherLand’s exquisite Azores Chandelier

InsidherLand, a Portuguese brand of author design created by Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012 has launched its exquisite Azores Chandelier.

With a background in Architecture, Joana takes a personal approach into design by crossing her passion for organic shapes and minimalist influences with the richness of natural materials.

Along with her team of Portuguese master artisans and jewellers, Joana works with contemporary techniques that respect ancient crafts traditions and the creative designs combine noble metals, exotic woods, natural textures, marbles and exquisite finishes.

Born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago of the Azores was formed by volcanic activity and belongs to the Portuguese territory. S. Miguel, the most exuberant of its islands, is a paradise covered in dense nature with hundreds of plant species that exhibit their different shades of green along the landscapes.

Resulting from a wonderful trip through the interior of S.Miguel, the Azores chandelier recreates a special weeping willow found near a lagoon and freezes a moment of contemplation. A luxuriant lighting piece made with handcrafted brass leaves that subtly allow the rays of light to pierce them and illuminate the surroundings as a gift of nature.

Joana’s work is profoundly inspired by her own experiences and her two collections of sculpted furniture, upholstery and lighting create a unique vision that gathers the wild side of the natural wonders with a refined lifestyle inspired by artistic influences.

Over the years, Joana has been working with Architects and Interior Design studios with high-end villas, apartments and yachts but also luxury hotels such as the Berkeley and the Claridge’s in London, the Renaissance Downtown in Dubai or the Hermitage in Monaco. Today, her creative pieces are spread in more than thirty countries around the world.

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